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Co-SCHOLASTIC activities prepare students practically for the future. The normal curriculum can only go so far as to teach and educate students about academic theories. But students whose only experience of school or college is one of rigid academic study may not be able to apply what they have learnt in practice. If the co-scholastic is given an equal footing in student life there will be an improvement in the student ability to grasp things as a whole. Co-scholastic activities are particularly good at providing opportunities for students to work in teams, to exercise leadership, and to take the initiative themselves. These experiences make students more attractive to universities and to potential employers.


Sports In Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida


Sports is focused not only on physical fitness but also on wellness, which means "physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and moral" development of a child. Our students are giving an outstanding performance in Taekwondo, Skating and roll ball. In In roll ball under 14 age group both boys and girls teams have won 1st or 2nd positions number of time at NCR level. Our little skaters are the pride of our school's sports activities and have brought laurels to the school at NCR level. We are the recipient of holding CBSE National Yoga Championship 2015 in our school,where 800 students hosted by the school for 3 days.

Sports Activities-
Pre-primary :- Skating, Taekwondo, PT, Yoga, Football and fundamental movement skill.
Class 1st to 4th :- Chess, Skating, Taekwondo, Yoga, Roll ball, PT, Athletics (long jump, sprints, recreational races) Tennis,Football and PEC India Activities
Class 5th to 8th :- Golf,Roll ball, Handball, Taekwondo, Karate, Basketball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Yoga, Rope skipping, Chess, PT and March-past.
Students Of Jaypee Public School also participated in International Sports Olympiad Organised by CMS RDSO Campus, Lucknow India and won medals

PEC Programme: An initiative of British Council 1. School has implemented (Physical Education Cards) a resource for the use of classes I to V, these cards are a set of 20 colourful cards for each class, which focus on 'catch em' young and train em' young. 2. It helps in delivering fun, safe and inclusive Physical Education sessions, and create situation for all children whatever their circumstance or ability, to take part in and enjoy Sports & Games, which promote the Health, Safety and well being of children.

NCR Badminton Tournament held at Noida Stadium from 14th July to 17th July. Rakshit Garg won Boys-11 doubles.
Badminton League - Organised by Pullela Gopi Chand held at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Badminton Statdium, Greater Noida. Rakshit won Bronze. Awards were given by Gopi Chand Sir.
Yogems Badminton Tournament held at Noida Stadium in April. Rakshit won Bronze.
Rakshit getting trained by Gopi Chand Sir.

On 28th July 2017, Kevin Durant was with NBA ( National Basketball Association) India Academy in Greater Noida..our students went to Jaypee sports complex and got chance to witness Kevin Durant's way of playing and high energetic session with kids involving positioning while playing basketball.
The session was laced with words of encouragement by Kevin "Be fast but do not hurry".

The NBA - India vice president of basketball, Carlos Barroca started the unique clinic for 5000 youngesters virtually joined from Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kokata via satellite link.
Students of our school also became a part of this event.

Both Carlos and Kevin Durant kept the kids involved with series of defensive, passing and dribbling drills.
Finally, Durant, 3459 kids make World Record at Clinic, including students of our Jaypee Public School.

Inter School Multi Sports Meet

1. Badminton-

 Under 11 year 1st Position
 Under 15 year 2nd Position

2. Yoga -

 Individual –Girls –Maya Bahaduar Gold
 Boys – KirtiVardhan Singh Silver
 Under 14 Year Team Championship Won

3. Chess- Participated
 Taekwondo – Team Championship won
 13 rewound schools of Delhi NCR with 250 students participated.
 4th Khelmahotsav Annual Inter House Multi Sports Meet

Athletics ,Cricket, Handball, Basketball, Football, Taekwondo, Skating, Yoga 6oo participants 240 medals and fight for Annual House Trophy.

4. Taekwondo
 District Taekwondo Championship held at Greater Noida Stadium dated on 6th August 2016
our school’s sub junior Taekwondo team is Champion of Noida district

5. Tennis
 Abeer bhati of class 3C achieved runner up trophy at Jaypee Greens Atlantic organized by Team Tennis on 26 august to 28 aug 2016.
 Rubal solanki of class 3rd achieved runner up trophy at duce tennis open tournament on 18 oct to 22oct 2016 sheed vijay sports complex greater noida sponsor by spinway dubai.
 Particapted in Pragyan School 4th oct to 6th oct 2016 inter school tennis tournaments.
 Its not all our little tennis champs are ready for upcoming District Tennis Tournament at Pathways school dated on 23rd to 26th 2016

6. Football
 Football Triangular Series Dated on 22nd October 2016 – Pragyan School Greater Noida R.K Educational Sikndrabad & Jaypee Public School Greater Noida
II Position
Inter School Football Tournament at Pragayn School dated on 4th October 2016
Under 12 Boys reaches to Semifinal
Under 14 Boys Participated

7. Athletics
 Independence Day - Open District Athletic Meet 15th August 2016
 Sub Junior girls lift the champions Trophy by begging 6 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze
 Badminton
 Rakshit Garg of class IV is district champion on under 9 & under 11 boys group
 Inter School Badminton Championship
 Under 13 Boys 1st Position (Jai & Umang Sukhwani Class 6)
 Under15 Boys 2nd Position (Jai & Umang Sukhwani Class 6)

8. Basketball
 C.B.S.E Cluster 19 Basketball tournament 2016
Girls team won 4 matches and reached up to quarter finals and in top 8 out of 67 teams Awahan Multi Sports Meet our girls reached up to semifinal and begged 4th position

Basket Ball Champs played state
 Khushi Tomar
 Prakriti Adarsh
 Pretty Adarsh
 Samiksha Joshi
 Tushar Sanjeev Gupta
 Ishan Sharma
 Dev Srivastav

9. Handball
 C.B.S.E North Zone Handball Tournament 2016-17 Held at Dr.K.N Modi Global School, Modinagar Dated on 23rd October to 26th October 2016
 Under 14 girls won bronze medal
 Under 19 girls reached up to quarter finals
 C.B.S.E North Zone Swimming Championship2016-17

10. Swimming
Kaoshki Singh won
 Gold in 100mtr Breast Stroke
 Silver in 50mtr Breast Stroke
 Sliver in 100mtr Butterfly Stroke
She represented school in CBSE National Swimming Championship at Bhopal
South Delhi Swimming Championship- She won individual championship
Step by Step Swimming championship - She won individual championship

11. Skating
 Delhi Open Speed Skating Championship

26th August 2016
Our sub junior team won 2nd runner up trophy with 8 gold 7 silver 4 bronze
C.B.S.E North Zone Handball Tournament 2016-17
Our Skating champ Amman Ahamad won gold in 500mtr Silver in 300mtr

12. Cricket
 Divyansh Joshi of class X is part of under 16 U.P Team and knocking hard at door of Indian team. .

Assembly of the month


Welcome Assembly on 2nd April 2018

The new session commenced on 2nd April 2018. A special assembly was organized in order to welcome new student as well as to encourage and motivate the other student as well. The assembly began with the school choir brightening the whole atmosphere with their melodious song . This was followed by thought for the day & news. The principal ma’am Ms. Vidhu Khulshrestha welcomed one and all and stressed on not comparing yourself with others but competing with yourself. The day also marked the beginning of week long celebration of “Autism Week”, where Ms. Pratibha Upadhyay informed the student about autism and that awareness and acceptance is the call of the day. The assembly concluded with the “National Anthem”

Dance & Music


Dance embodies one of our most primal relationships to the universe. It is pre-verbal, beginning even before words can be formed. It is innate in children before they possess command over language. Dance is evoked when thoughts or emotions are too powerful for words to contain. Children move naturally. They move to achieve mobility and to express a thought or feeling. When the movements become consciously structured and are performed with awareness, it becomes dance. Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of cultural expression. Children learn movement patterns as readily as they learn language. They dance because it is joyful and feels wonderful.
Just as all societies create forms of visual representation or organize sounds into music, all cultures organize movement and rhythm into one or more forms of dance. We mostly teach drawing and singing, but dance is sometimes neglected. It is essential we teach our children the developmental benefits of organizing movement into the aesthetic experience of dance. It also brings poise to one's personality. Hence, we expose our children to as many folk and traditional dance forms as possible.
Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by singing, playing an instrument, or mere listening to it. It is relaxing and helps in building imagination. We aim to expose our students to musical training to help them fine-tune their auditory skills and appreciate the beauty of musical patterns. Playing musical instruments is a skill requiring patience and discipline. Therefore, to widen their cultural diversity, we teach our student both Indian as well as western music. As per their aptitude and skills, they may choose to learn vocals or some musical instrument, or both.

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