Fostering Empathy by Goonj: A Transformative Session on Rural Awareness and Volunteerism

On December 26th, Mr. Jain Mahajan, a dedicated volunteer from Goonj, conducted an enlightening session for students in grades 6 to 8. The focus of the session was to build awareness and foster empathy regarding rural issues.
He skillfully integrated the importance of volunteerism and mindful giving practices in the session, urging students to consider their roles in contributing to societal well-being. He emphasized the transformative impact that thoughtful actions can have on rural communities. A key takeaway from the session was the call to integrate such awareness and volunteer-driven initiatives into the school curriculum. The session successfully achieved its objectives, leaving students with a heightened awareness of mindful giving and sown the seeds for a more compassionate and socially responsible generation.

Our community of educators, students and parents came forward to help Kerala residents who are trying to rebuild their lives after witnessing the worst floods of the century. The help came in all forms- food, medicines, clothes and money. We hope our small contribution helps these people who have been a victim of this catastrophic event.

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