Session 2023-24

Trip To Rurban Resort

For classes VI to XII, excursion was organized to Rurban Resort (UP) on 29th December 2023. The purpose of organizing this excursion is to help students become confident, independent and to make them learn essential life skills. Students indulged in various activities like obstacle rope, pottery making, various sports activities etc.


“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel, read only one page”
Memories of school educational trips are among the most prominent of the formative years, largely because they are a welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers. They acquire innumerable life skills like team spirit, time management, and developing a necessary aptitude for interpersonal relationships, and their creativity, as well as aesthetic sense, gets augmented. A fun-filled school trip was organized by the school in summer vacation from 7th June to 10th June’2023. 122 students from classes VI-XII along with 9 teachers were part of this beautiful journey with the motto ‘To travel is to evolve”. The trip was very well organised, escorted & guided by a team of a travel agency. They also learned to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the place. It was truly a precious journey in terms of a learning adventure that created tons of beautiful memories and experiences of life.


Session 2022-23

ISRO Exhibition

To provide valuable insights into India’s Space Activities including contributions made by ISRO and their missions, Director General, Indian Space Association (ISA) extended an invitation to the students of our Institution for a Space Exhibition being organized by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) as part of the Centenary Celebrations of the India International Centre (IIC), Lodhi Road (New Delhi). Around 150 students from classes 8 to 12 attended the exhibition with school teachers on 24 July 2022. ISA focuses on spreading space-related awareness, space education, and capacity building.


Resonating the ethos of holistic development of every learner, Students of classes 11 and 12 visited the EV expo on 8th Sept 22 and got a chance to know about the latest Electric Cars, Electric Bikes & Scooter- Displays & Launch Networks with Automotive Component, Charging Equipment Manufacturers, Batteries, and Automobiles. In the exhibition, Dealers showcased their latest products, technology, equipment, Smart and NextGen transport, electric passengers cars, scooter, motorcycle, cycles, buses, etc to meet and network with the trade industry as well as end-users with the main aim to find out new business and protection of the environment. It was indeed an enriching learning experience for the Jaypeans.


Even though you are growing up, you should never stop having fun. – Nina Dobrev Jaypee Public School organized a rejuvenating trip for the students to Lohagarh Farms (for classes 6-8) and Vishalgarh Farms (for classes 9-12) on 27th August 2022. This much-awaited trip after a long gap of 2 years of the unprecedented COVID-19 when all the students were confined to their homes. Our learners definitely deserved a recreational outing. In order to rejuvenate their young minds in the mid-session, the school organized a one-day trip. A day at these farms was the most awaited break for our students. The Adventure Sports Venue provided a perfect opportunity for students to plunge headlong into a plethora of activities like games and sports, rural activities, adventure activities and things from the cultural heritage of our country that brought the students closer to our varied heritage. The day was packed with a combination of fun-filled activities and leadership skill-enhancing games. It was heartening to see the students going all out to attempt the sports challenges with excitement and enthusiasm. The outing helped to expand students' learning beyond the school with a zestful element of camaraderie and amusement which proved to be a reinvigorating and relaxing time for all. This was indeed an exciting and fun-filled experience for the learners as they made memories while having a lot of fun!

Session 2019-20

A Visit to Zoo

A trip to the National Zoological Park was organised for the students of Pre-Primary on 7th Dec.2019. The Zoo of Delhi is home to several birds, reptiles and mammals. The students enthusiastically explored and observed an array of birds and animals as their teachers pointed out their special characteristics. From hyenas to leopard, rabbits, tortoise, alligators, crocodiles, deers, tigers etc. students got a chance to closely observe each one of animals present. They were sensitized about their environment and fellow living beings. An underlying message learnt on the excursion was the need to love and nurture the animal kingdom which is a gift of Mother Nature. It was a day filled with fun and frolic for the young learners. During their journey back to school in bus, tiny tots shared their observations taken during the field trip. In true sense, this visit to the zoo helped our students co-relate the concepts they had been learning in class with real life experiences gathered at the zoo.


A photo walk for the students of grades V-IX was organized on 15th October. The students visited Humayun tomb, venue for photo walk and saw the monument through their lens. They clicked pictures from various angles under the guidance of Mr. Prasan Kapoor. The selected pictures were displayed in the school.


An educational trip to Lohagarh farm for the students of grades III-XII was organised on 19th October 2019. The purpose of the program was to allow students to become independent, confident and learn important life skills. The trip included various activities like weaving charkha, pottery, grain grinding, matka painting etc. The students also enjoyed games like shooting by air gun, gulel, gullee danda, tug of war etc. The students also undertook adventure activities like commando crawl, tarzan swing, rope climbing etc. The highlight of the trip was DJ and music which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students before return journey.

Solar Lamp making

To mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, over a million students from over 100 countries across five continents paid tribute to the Father of our Nation – in a way he would have probably truly appreciated.
Chetan Singh Solanki, an associate professor at the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, spearheaded this unique campaign that involved children from across the world making solar-charged study lamps in their schools and taking a pledge of “non-violence to environment” as a tribute to Gandhi and his teachings.
20 students of our school from classes VI to IX along with two faculty members, Mr Divyendu Priyadarshi, and Ms Shraddha Mathuria as trainers, participated in an event ‘Global Student Solar Ambassador Workshop’ held at Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex in the National capital, Delhi organised by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
The objective of the event was to increase the awareness of the world, especially, children, towards the environmental issues and how solar power generation could solve some of the problems significantly. The most prominent means of electricity generation is by burning coal, but it creates significant pollution. Solar cell is a device to produce electricity from sunlight. If coal can be replaced with solar energy, we can save our environment up to an extent. Further, replacing petroleum feeding cars by solar cars reduces further pollution of our environment. But, to achieve these goals, we need a global awareness towards the miracles of solar energy. Students from Delhi-NCR lighted over 10,000 solar lamps to attempt a world record.
All participants were given a kit which consisted of components of a solar lamp, together with necessary tools like multimeter and soldering machine. Students, with the help of trainers, had to assemble it in specified time limit.
The concluding session was addressed by Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Environment, Forest and climate change. The participants took oath to save environment. This incident was recorded in the Guinness world record.


There is no substitute for books as it always lead us from ignorance to knowledge. It also plays a paramount role in teacher's life. With this thought 10 teachers from their respective departments of Maths, Science, English, Computer, Music and Arts of the school visited Delhi Book Fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The theme of the book Fair was dedicated to the commemoration of 150th birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi which had also been depicted with a pictorial exhibition and there was a thematic display of books pertaining to the Gandhian thoughts and life. Besides opportunity to browse there an assortment of books of different genres of literature, art, culture and science teachers also witnessed different dance forms of India. Teachers discovered wide range of great books enough to get any child excited by reading it.


Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida organized a 4-day educational trip from 28-May-19 to 1st June-19 for students of grades VI-XII
The trip itinerary included visit to Mussoorie, Dhanaulti and Dehradun. A group of 25 students was escorted by Mr. Pradeep Sharma and Ms. Shalini Gupta.
At Mussoorie students went to visit Jawahar Aquarium where they observed different species of fishes including clown fish made popular by famous Disney character, Nemo. Students went for a hike to Gun Hill Point and enjoyed various games/activities. They shopped for gifts for their near and dear ones at Mall Road. During visit to Dhanaulti, students went for activities like Zip Line, Sky Bridge, Valley Crossing etc. The students also visited Eco Park and observed tall Deodars reaching for sky and other vegetation. They enjoyed hiking in the park and observing the different types of vegetation. At Dehradun Students visited Forest Research Institute, a huge set-up with colonial architecture, eco-friendly building leaving very less carbon footprint. Inside the Institute, students learned about various types of plant diseases, their causes and the preventive measures that can be taken. They also learned about forestry for sustainable development. In the evening, students visited Robbers’ Cave and enjoyed DJ night arranged at the hotel. It was a trip filled not only with good memories but also with a sense of camaraderie, wherein students learned living and working together as a group.


Trip to Muddy Boots – 5 November 2018

Before the onset of Diwali break, the students of grade 6-12 went for a trip to Muddy Boots located at Gaur City, Greater Noida. A whole range of fun-filled adventure activities were organized for the students throughout the day by Rocksport. The students performed adventure tasks and enjoyed these activities under the supervision of Rocksport personnel.