Session 2020-21
Hindi Divas

Teacher’s Day

‘A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination, and imbibe love for learning’. The School celebrated Teacher's day with great fun and enthusiasm. A special digital assembly was conducted on this day. Students presented mesmerizing dance performance, sang songs and recited poems highlighting the importance of a guru (teacher).They delivered the speeches to mark the importance of the Teacher's day. September 5, is dedicated to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of India who was a great academician.

Independence Day

The school conducted the online Independence Day special assembly where children showcased their talent in singing patriotic songs and in playing musical instruments. Students also performed wonderful patriotic theme based dance and exhibited their talent in different dance forms. The school principal urged all the students to evolve, grow, and learn to emerge even stronger in times of this unprecedented pandemic.

Janmashtami & Rakshabhandhan Celebration

The assembly on Janmashtami and Rakshabhandhan conducted on the digital platform witnessed enthusiastic participation from students who sang folk songs and enthralled the spectators with their mellifluous voice. Attired in colourful ethnic outfit, the students of Classes V and VI danced gracefully on the beautiful traditional renditions.

Virtual Assemblies

Celebrating Challenging Times The COVID-19 pandemic came out of the blue and brought life to a virtual standstill. Technology is robust enough to make walking through a virtually created world which is effortless and enjoyable. Undeterred by the pandemic, the school had conducted spectacular digital special assemblies with an aim to provide a platform to put up a show of their unique and innate talents.

Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting

Walking hands in hands Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida conducted Parent Teacher Meeting for classes I to XII on 21st May, 13th June, & 3rd October, 2020 to discuss the performance of students in UT-1, Periodic Test -1 and Mid Term Exam. The healthy interaction between parents and teachers witnessed an exchange of views and opinions regarding various issues. Parents met the class teachers through a virtual platform for detailed feedback on the progress of their child along with scope of improvements in case required. They also appreciated the continuous and regular mode of assessment that is conducted on a daily basis by the teachers to drill the concepts thoroughly. The facilitators also guided the parents to ensure more practice of written assignments and even to monitor them during online classes. The PTM as a positive and constructive platform concluded with resolving the concerns collectively by parents and facilitators, hoping for a fruitful learning session ahead.

Session 2019-20

Exhibition on Water Conservation (DIOS)
On 29th November 2019 ,Exhibition on global innovative practices for water conservation was held at Jaypee Public School ,Greater Noida . Being the nodal centre for water conservation under DIOS ,we took initiative to provide a platform for exchange of ideas on water conservation practices around the world or their own innovations. 11 schools of Gr. Noida participated in the exhibition. Students and the teachers interacted with each other and learnt about the best practices around the world. To motive and encourage the students, they were awarded the participation certificates for their presentation. The Principal of our school ,Ms Meeta Bhandula expressed her views on water conservation . She interacted with the participant schools and acknowledged their efforts for putting up nice projects.

Road Safety Speech Competition
School participated in the speech competition organized by the Transport department of Gautam Buddha Nagar on ‘Road Safety’ on 30th November 2019 at Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra in Noida. Aditi Bathla, student of 11th Humanities participated in the event along with around 142 students from various schools of Gautam Buddha Nagar.Where they displayed their laudable oratory skills and apprised people of the need of traffic rules and regulations. The competition helped in honing the eloquence and encouraged children to be an aware and responsible member of the society.

“Constitution is not a mere lawyer’s document, it is the vehicle of life and its spirit is always the spirit of age” – Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

In an endeavour to reiterate the values enshrined in the supreme law of our country, that is, the Constitution of India, a special assembly of class I-XII was conducted on 26 November 2019 as directed by CBSE. Social Studies teacher read out the Preamble of the constitution and specifically emphasized the key words of the preamble- “SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLIC”.Students repeated the preamble after teacher, she also enumerated the ideas of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. Observing constitution day created a lot of awareness and a sense of respect for our constitution among the students.

World Mental Health Day 2019: focus on suicide prevention
World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.

Keeping in mind the focus of the WHO this year Jaypee Public School Greater Noida conducted workshops for the students of classes 8 to 12. Activities like open discussion, brain storming, case study sharing , question taking ,opinion polls debate, speech etc were planned to create awareness and identify symptoms of suicidal tendency among teen activities were planned during their regular counseling slots.

Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan- Awareness Drive
In line with our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi’s mission- Swachch bharat, Jaypee Public School, Gr, Noida conducted a special assembly on 3rd September, 2019 with the aim of creating awareness about the cleanliness and sanitation in our day to day life. To take this cleanliness drive forward a skit was performed in the assembly of our school as well as in nearby school named BALVADI of Jaiprakash foundation which is adopted by Jaypee group Students briefed about the significance of hygiene and sanitation of their surroundings. An awareness rally was led by students of grade 4th and 5th around the Jaypee greens for the same in order to imbibe the importance of cleanliness. They were holding banners and placards on the theme swachch Bharat Abhiyan and chanted slogans”Swach bharat Swasth bharat” We really believe somewhere we are growing insightful generation of the country through this commendable intiative by the government of India.
An inter house competition was held on 24th September on the life of Gandhiji . The aim behind this competition was to acquaint students about the father of our nation.and to know Mahatma Gandhi’s values and teachings
Ist Harmony house
2nd Fraternity house
3rd Unity house
A PPT presentation on Healthy Diet was shown to the students in the assembly on 24th September. Pupils were briefed by the School nurse Ms. Gayatri Kumari about the benefits of eating .healthy and balanced meal.
A painting competition for grade 3,4 and 5 was conducted on 30th September on the theme of Bapu Samran Nidhi . Srinidhi Basu of class 5 A had secured 1st position ,Mihika of class 5 A had won the 2nd position and Aanya Agarwal of class 3B had secured the third postion
To instil the ideologies and teachings of Gandhiji an inter class competition of Poem recitation and Speech competition were conducted on 26th September.

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi
With this insightful quote our school paid the tribute to the father of our nation on his 150th birth anniversary by conducting a plethora of activities to instil the ideologies and teachings of Mahatma Gandhiji An inter house quiz competition was organized on the life of Gandhiji . The aim behind this competition was to acquaint students about the extraordinary life of father of our nation and the painting competition, poem recitation and speech competition was conducted to propagate the message of Mahatma Gandhiji among the pupils.

‘Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents.’ When parents and teachers communicate and work together effectively, it can significantly impact each student's long-term success. A parent teacher meeting for classes Nursery to class XII was held on 4th May2019. The parents interacted with the teachers to discuss the performance of their wards.
The Second PTM for the session 2019-20 was held on 3rd August 2019. The answer sheets for pre mid-term exams were handed over to the parents. The various areas of concerns were discussed so that action plan for improvement can be formulated accordingly.
On the same day, science exhibition, displaying the work of students from grades VI-X was also held. Students have prepared various models related to their favourite inventions – models ranging from desert cooler, glider, ceiling fan to the model of elevator. Students creativity was well visible in the depiction of structure of heart, nerve cells, respiratory system and excretory system.
On the same day Student Aid Publication team was also invited to distribute Delhi Student Guide (A Booklet to know about admissions, courses, seats in DU, JNU & other major universities for students of class X & XII).

District Administration made School the Nodal Centre for water conservation campaign started by Ministry of JalShakti Government of India 22 scores of Ghaziabad Gautam Buddh Nagar participated in this campaign the school these schools under this campaign all 22 schools exchange their ideas regarding way to save water and their action plans for the year.

Puberty Talk
Puberty affects everyone – and while that can be uniting, there will be a myriad of ways the students will experience it. A special session on the discussion of puberty was held on 8th August 2019, where boys and girls of grade IV-V were briefed on physical, emotional and social changes during their growing age. Ms. Jessica explained the boys about physical and emotional development of the body. Ms. Gaythri, the school nurse made girls understand crucial changes of their body and assured them not to get scared or embarrassed as it’s a natural development of the body. A better-prepared child is almost certainly more confident to tackle life as a tween.

Green ECO-Warriors!!
He who plants a tree plants a hope – Lucy Larcom

An activity “Tree Plantation” was held on 6th August 2019.The idea behind this initiative was to spread awareness among the students and sensitize them towards conservation of environmental resources to make our city green and serene. Students were gifted many saplings of plants like Jamun, Mulberry, Guava, Mango etc and exhorted them to nurture those saplings. They were encouraged to gift plants as a great present to their loved and dear ones.Student planted trees in a nearby barren land and the saplings were provided by the school.

Participant: Grade 10A and 10 B
Subject: Social Science
Teacher in Charge: Ms.Hema Priyadarshini
Class activity on “Human Intervention in Natural Environment”
Human Intervention in the natural ecological balance is a burning topic of discussion in the modern world. New ideas of sustainable development i.e. development without destruction, have started cropping up all across the globe. The students of Grade 10 had an activity to design cartoons on the same topic in order to spread awareness about it in a comical way. Both sections of Grade 10 did an excellent job and came up with out of the box ideas to represent environmental degradation. The cartoons were put up on the wall outside the class in the corridors. It was conducted by the Social Science teacher Ms. Hema Priyadarshini along with Ms. Jasdeep Kaur. Principal Ma’am saw the work and appreciated it. After that the exhibition was open for all teachers and students and it was highly appreciated. Later the students’ work was kept in their respective portfolios.

The theme of the assembly was “The Rich Heritage of India”. Apart from the daily routine of Morning Prayer and News, Students of Grade XII B & C presented a skit highlighting the importance of preserving our Indian Culture. Further more certain facts and information related to the theme were provided by the Class Teacher Ms.PritiRai Shankar. The conclusion of the assembly was done by Kartikey and Gomathi Shankar with a melodious medley of songs representing rich musical legacy of India. The assembly was a combination of information as well as entertainment and was an effort to create awareness among students about the diverse culture of their country.

Assembly with a theme Grateful to the Helpful’was quite insightful. The students of grade 11B and C together conveyed a beautiful message that we must be thankful and respectful to the ones we come across in our lives.
Aditi of grade 11C reached out to the hearts of the students and awakened them from within by sharing her personal experiences with the help of a beautiful presentation. This was followed by a skit which showed how parents give their best in upbringing their children but what they get in return from their children in the form of misbehavior is not right. followed by a beautiful poem composed by Chandini of grade 11-C on ‘Our real heroes’.The purpose of the poem was to bring us back to the path of showing our gratitude and kindness to all and it was followed by lively song by Aditi ,Vaani and Gargion the same topic.
Showing teacher’s recorded message through a short video in which they expressed how teaching is becoming a thankless job due to the changing attitude of the students in the present scenario concluded the assembly.

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.’
-Rabindranath Tagore.
To mark the birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, a special assembly was organized by the students of class IV – A on 7th May. The students recited various poems from the Gitanjali and presented a soulful rendition of Gurudev classic- Mera Sheesh Nava Do. Simran sang a mellifluous Rabindra sangeet.The teacher; Ms. Neeta spoke on the life of Gurudev with information about his contribution to the fields of art and literature and motivated students to follow the path of Rabindranath’s virtuous life.

Special assembly on Earth day
Look deep into the nature, and then you will understand everything better. –Albert Einstein
With this beautiful thought class VC had conducted their assembly on the theme-IT’s Our World, Take Care Of It. Through a skit students presented the callous attitude of individuals that has placed an immense environmental burden, prevented their views on how to save our planet from destruction and feasible mode of action towards contributing to this great cause.
Principal ma’am addressed the students, urging them to adopt small steps on regular basis to protect our environment for future.

Ms. Nidhi Shah science teacher and coordinator of the Primary wing acquainted the students about Carbon footprint and ways to reduce carbon emissions globally.

CBSE Capacity Building Programme on English Class X
Date: APRIL 12 & 13, 2019
Organized By: CBSE
A two-day Capacity Building Programme for teachers of English in class X, was conducted by CBSE at Sapphire International School, Noida on 12& 13 April, 2019.Ms. Ruchi Sengar, resource person and writer of the CBSE teachers’ training module, engaged participants in a live demonstration of the role of innovative pedagogy in knowledge-based skills’ development.Nearly 40 teachers from Noida & Greater Noida attended this enlightening session.
The purpose of the capacity building programme was to fortify teachers with effective teaching methodologies needed for the millennial generation of students. The redundancy of the conventional method of teaching was highlighted and the gathering was encouraged to embrace innovative pedagogy to achieve the process of ‘assessment as learning’.
The inaugural session focused on special objectives of reading and the ways of attaining confidence and grip over comprehension skills. A thorough discussion on reading skills equipped teachers with new perspective to deal with comprehension tasks.An interesting activity brought forth the differences in individual understanding. It required teachers to close their eyes and follow specific instructions to fold and tear a blank sheet of paper. It was amazing to see sheets folded and torn at different places. The message was subtle yet lucid. Each individual interprets things differently. Thus, there are varying levels of comprehension in the classroom.The teachers were asked to solve a handout on reading comprehension. The techniques of skimming, scanning, chunking and inference were revisited.
The focus, thereafter, moved to writing skills on story writing, article and letter writing. A constructive and collaborative learning process by students was emphasized upon with teachers as facilitators. Also, the writing section should be process based, not product based.Full length discussion on the writing skills - the format and styles gave a crystal-clear picture of the latest rubrics to follow while attempting the writing section.
The workshop saw a vivacious interaction on the literature section of Class X.The focus was on teaching of poetry. Poetry requires appreciation and not lecture. The resource person shared handouts on several inventive tools as effective learning aids for the students. These aimed at creating a visual impact through the use of figures of speech, themes and inference tasks.The teachers got a hand on experience of solving various worksheets and very useful handouts related to writing and literature section were distributed which consolidated the experience gained through the workshop.
The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the lively interactions on various aspects of English syllabus and everyone gained valuable inputs of looking upon the curriculum from a new, effective perspective.

Assembly –The Joy of reading books
“Books have immortalized great minds. Books have kept ancients secrets alive. “Just imagine what you are losing just because you are not reading!” ― Ernest Agyemang
The assembly was conducted on 16 April, 2019 pertaining to the topic “The Joy of reading books”. The students of class V B gave a presentation on the different literary variety of books like fantasy, Mystery, Science fiction, Thriller, Drama, biographies etc.
The students got aware about the wide variety of genres of books which will help them to become better readers and learn to appreciate the unique value of each genre.

Celebrating World Health Day
“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless and intelligence cannot be applied”
On 9th April,2019 the primary section observed the’ World Health Day’ wherein an assembly was organized by Class V A. To highlight the significance of good health a Nukkad Natak based on ‘Health is wealth ’was presented in the assembly. It reinforced the importance of a balanced diet and food safety.

On this occasion the school nurse gave a health talk and guided students, how to choose their eatables cautiously and stay away from germs and infections.

The Pre-primary wing of Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida celebrated its Graduation Day on 16.03.19. The occasion was graced by the esteemed presence of Shri M.P. Sharma, Sr. Vice president (Education), Ms. Meeta Bhandula, Principal and parents. The programme commenced with lighting of the lamp, followed by a welcome song by tiny tots which enthralled the audience. The Principal, in her speech, congratulated the kindergarteners for graduating to primary and made an appeal to parents to give quality time to their children and promote creativity and innovation in young minds.
The budding orators presented an overview of the activities and happenings of Pre-Primary wig in the academic session 2018-9, in form of Annual Report . The children showcased their skills and confidence through a mesmerizing performance on the theme 'Circus' which left the audience Spellbound. The parents were overjoyed to watch their wards perform on foot tapping music. The children were felicitated with their graduation degrees by the honorable guests. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by the Pre-Primary coordinator, Mrs. Supriya Sawani.

Grade I – III

Primary school is an opportune time to do everything possible to increase a child's interest in books and reading. It involves, innovates and ignites the reading habits of the students. The purpose of library assembly was to equip students with lifelong learning skills and develop their imagination. Library assemblyorganized on 5th march 2019 was a boost to promote the reading habits among the students. It was full of various interesting activities like role play, poem recitation, puzzles on proverbs etc. All these activities gave the student the chance to put their reading and knowledge very creatively and in innovative ways. The children remained very active, enthusiastic and fostered the enjoyment of reading as a recreational activity.