Criteria for admission to Class XI for JPS students :

The stream selection forms are filled by the students in Class X as per their interest and aptitude.

The Merit List is prepared as per the result of Classes IX and X

Since limited number of seats are available in each stream, the following criteria is adhered to for allocating the streams:

Science Commerce Humanities
Average of Maths and Science Average of English, Maths and Social Science Average of English and Social Science
Minimum Grade required in Maths and Science Minimum Grade required in English, Maths and Social Science  

Subject options at Senior Secondary level
Subject Science Stream Commerce Stream Humanities Stream
1 English English English
2 Chemistry Business Studies History
3 Physics Accountancy Political Science
4 Maths/Biology Economics Psychology
5 Physical Education/ Computer Science/ Web-Application/Artificial Intelligence /Economics/Psychology/Maths/ Biology/Hindi/Fine Arts or Pantings/ Music Hindustani(Vocal & instrumental)/ Dance Kathak & Bharatnatyam/Geography
Admission to other Classes

Admission to other classes is done, subject to availability of seats, in the desired class. The students desirous of seeking admission to JPS must apply in the month of February, on a prescribed form, available at the school reception. Depending on the vacancies in each class, a written test is conducted.

Admission is based purely on merit. Recommendation of any kind would disqualify the aspirant from admission.

Registration does not indicate confirmation of admission.

Documents to be submitted at the time of Admission:-