To inculcate and encourage physical activity in the young learners the Pre - Primary wing conducted various gross motor activities for the children. Team and group games were organised to cater to the affective, psycho-motor and cognitive domains of learning. Varied races and activities were organised like-running, catching, hopping, balancing, pulling which gave them a rich experience of variety of play-based activities. Children experienced an intrinsic joy of manoeuvring different sports equipment like-cones, balls, bean bags, hoopla and colourful parachute which helped develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Lemonade day activity has been conducted by the tiny – tots of pre primary wing students. Children were made to learn how to make lemonade through demonstration method by the class teacher and later were also made to prepare lemonade on their own as well. Later all the children had lemonade and relished it by by having more as well.
The objective of the lemonade making activity is to sensitize children with their motor skill along with vocabulary building, e.g.- squeezing the lemon – in which child’s motor skill is developing along with the new word “squeezing”

The above activity has always been an fun activity and kids take great interest by getting involved by doing hands on with the same.

The Pre-Primary wing conducted fine motor week from 29.07.19 to 2.08.19 with an aim of developing fine motor skills of the learners . A wide range of activities were conducted which involved coordinated efforts of the brain and muscles. The little ones maneuvered with variety of materials like Q- tips, scissors, building blocks, play dough, tweezers, sprayers etc. The teachers created varied fine motor stations for the learners, which they explored with great enthusiasm.

The tiny tots of kindergarten were taken for a GO GREEN MARCH around the school campus to spread the awareness regarding the conservation of natural resources. The children wore green coloured head bands and hand painted T-shirts. They chanted slogan in glee. This event offered a jam packed activity around sustainability and the environment. The aim of this activity was to raise awareness of environmental issues such as climate change and giving some nifty skills to green up your life.

Sensory station
Sensory Station was set up in foyer area and represented 5 senses. This activity stimulated young children’s senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing, as well as anything which engages movement and balance.

Kids are more inclined to fall sick as they are not conscious and aware of personal hygiene as they should be, which increases their risk of illness. They had been shown how to maintain good habits and hygiene to keep themselves always healthy like hand washing, brushing teeth, washing their toys etc. Through these activities students understood the importance of practicing good hygiene.

Janmashtami Celebration
The birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm on 26 August 2019 by the tiny tots. They were dressed in traditional attires of Radha and Krishna. The event comprised of group dance and mellifluous group songs that showed the holiness of Lord Krishna. Students were acquainted about the feeling of love and compassion for each other which has always been considered as a strong message by Lord Krishna.