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Child Guideline and Counselling Center
(Special Education)

The early years in a child's life are the most crucial years for learning. The child needs an environment that is secure, warm, caring and nurturing. The school, besides the family, has a major influence on child's personal-social development. It helps the child to make friends, develop communication skills and enhance their self-esteem and self-worth. With this understanding Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida took its inclusive philosophy ahead. Child Guidance and Counselling Centre has been an integral part of the school since its inception. The school is committed to children with special needs in recognition of the right of every child to a school life, which is more than just academic achievement. Our classrooms are ready to include children with diverse learning needs. Specialized learning strategies are taught to meet their potentials and avoid behavioral difficulties.
The infrastructure of the school ensures an equal participation of every pupil. The building is fully accessible to anyone who may be using a wheelchair. There are ramps, lifts and wheelchair accessible toilets on every floor. The school also offers a bus facility. Children with special needs have to go to different centres for their required therapies. This is because there are very few Intervention centres that provide a range of high quality therapies under one roof. The school has a Special Needs team comprising of 9 Special Educators, Speech & Language therapist, 2 Occupational therapist and Counsellor who work closely with the mainstream teaching faculty hence, extending a holistic environment under one roof.
Special attention is given to children in the areas of Physical Education, Drama, Art & Craft, Performing Arts, Life Skills and IT ensuring equal participation. We recognize that children have different strengths and thus provide a diverse curriculum, including (NIOS) National Institute of Open Schooling system, accessible to children with mild to moderate learning disabilities-Down Syndrome, Autism, Mental Disability,ADHD (with or without associated / other difficulties).


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