Session 2019-20

The investiture ceremony signifies the reliance and the confidence that the school consigns in the newly elected office bearers.
The investiture ceremony of Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida was held on 27th July 2019 in the school auditorium
The event was presided by the gracious presence of Ms Manika Gaur (Associate Director Jaypee Public School),Cdr S J Singh NM President Education, Shri MP Sharma Sr.Vice President, along with the school Principal Ms. Meeta Bhandula. The ceremony started by lighting the lamp, denoting the path of wisdom and divinity, followed by Principal’s address.
The Principal extended a hearty welcome to all the dignitaries and the worthy parents. She congratulated the newly elected governing body of the student council and said that the council should be the role models to their peer group by setting the standards for others to follow.
The event was interpresed with a series of performances which included a welcome song sung by the school choir, the mesmerizing dance performances that set the stage ablaze enthralling the guests, parents and the students the event took the pace. The elected leaders were adorned with badges and sashes, followed by the entire council taking the oath to do their duties with sincerity and dedication. Akshay Yadav was bestowed as the Head Boy and Khushi Tomar as the Head Girl. The house captains, the sports captains and all the prefects were the other members of the student council.
The Head Girl Khushi Tomar administered the oath to the council members. The newly elected student council members pledged to work earnestly to uphold the school motto Humility Enhances Excellence and the glory of the institution.
The vote of thanks was proposed by the school Head boy Akshay Yadav. He on behalf of the entire student council thanked the school management, Principal and the teachers and promised to discharge their duties with diligence, truthfulness and sincerity.

Akshay Yadav XII Head Boy
Khushi Tomar XII Head Girl
Achintya Krishna XI Vice Head Boy
Aditi Batla XI Vice Head Girl
Shubham XII Cultural Captain
Gomathi Shankar XII Vice Cultural Captain
Sakshi Singh XII Sports Captain
Prakriti Adarsh XI Vice Sports Captain
Nandini XI Editorial Head
Aarshia Kohli XI Peace House Captain Hardik V Peace House Captain
Dhruv Goel XI Vice House Captain Maytri IV Vice Captain
Shreyansh Khemka VIII Prefect Sanidhya Varshiney V Prefect
Karthik Pandya IX Prefect Sailja V Prefect
Christina Aggarwal XI Harmony House Captain Alyssa Bhatia V Harmony House Captain
Fatima Binth Asad X Vice House Captain Arnavi Bahuguna V Vice Captain
Anushka X Prefect Maryam Afroz V Prefect
Ananya D’Souza VIII Prefect Ayush Mishra V Prefect
Lakshita Bhardwaj XI Unity House Captain Rubani Singh Tyagi V Unity House Captain
Tanushi Singh X Vice House Captain Jessica Sachdeva V Vice Captain
Sattvik Singh VII Prefect Abhijay Mishra V Prefect
Janhvi Saxena VIII Prefect Kavisha V Prefect
Rudra Negi X Fraternity house captainRia Solanki V Fraternity House Captain
Ritambhara Shukla X Vice House Captain Aditya Sharma V Vice Captain
Maanvi Diswar VIII Prefect Srinidhi Basu V Prefect
Sankalp Pandey IX Prefect Aadharit Watts V Prefect

Khelo India Fitness Assessment Workshop was jointly organized on 23rd July 2019 by the Sports Authority of India and the CBSE at Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida. the workshop was attended by physical education teachers of about 50 schools of NCR.
The dignitaries presented in the workshop were, Joint Director CBSE (Skill and Training), Mr. Sujit Panagri Former FICCI Director and Mrs Sandhya Rana General Manager Khelo India Project of the Sports Authority of India.
On this occasion, Mr. MP Sharma, Senior Vice President (Education), Jaypee Group, who himself is an international level hockey player, enlightened the participants by his words of wisdom. He said that the blend of technology and sports is the beginning of a new era of sports in the country and Jaypee Group is proud to be one of the leaders of this movement and shall continue to work for the same in future too.
The workshop commenced with lighting of lamp followed by an exuberant cultural program highlighting the advancement of sports in India. Ms Meeta Bandhula, Principal, Jaypee Public School, extended a hearty welcome to all the teachers and stressed on the contribution of sports in the field of education. She said that sports is an integral part of the curriculum, and only the physical education teacher can bring this change and lead the country on the path of glory and success but they will have to be techno savvy for this now.
Khelo India Fitness Assessment Program is a revolutionary step initiated by the Sports Authority of India, where fitness of school students will be assessed through mobile application so that accuracy is maintained. This scorecard can be seen and issued on the basis of Pan India by Sports Authority of India.
The fitness measurement and standard will be given levels 1to 8 instead of A,B,C,D grades. Level 1 will be considered the lowest and a sign of poor fitness while level 8 will be considered as fit for sports. Outstanding Children will be provided sports facilities directly by sports Authority of India. Under this project, approximately 30 million children of school going age of India will be tested for fitness assessments. This will help in preparing first physical fitness index of India.
The workshop started from 8:00 am and ended at 4:30 pm. The participants were made aware about the Khelo India App and to take online test, the way Information technology can be used in sports training and the appropriate age for taking the test.

Summer Utsav!!
"Summer camp is all about learning beyond classroom walls, rejoicing accomplishment and making new friends".
Our school organized an exciting and stimulating Summer Utsav in association with L.G company from 21st May to 30th May, 2019 as a prelude to the summer vacation ahead. To beat the heat and make days fulfilling a gamut of activities were organized wherein children learned something new and utilized their blooming energy in the right direction. They passionately indulged in chess, splash pool, skating, football, basketball and golf. Children participated in their respective sports fervently.

Classes were also conducted for Tie & dye, sand casting, paper quelling, paper marbling, clay modeling, wood burning, block printing, to name a few. Music and Dance enthusiasts honed their skills by learning Guitar, Indian classical vocal, Dance(Western and classical) kept the children fruitfully occupied whilst having ‘fun unlimited’. More than 330 children participated in this ten days' spectacular camp in which they ardently engaged themselves with the multifarious activities they loved.

On 31st May, 2019 a cultural extravaganza was organized as the culmination. The esteemed guest of honour to grace the prestigious occasion were M.D of L.G Mr Tae Won Kim, The Factory Head Mr. C.S Kandi, and Director Education Of Jaypee Group of Schools Ms. Manika Gaur and Sr. Vice President Education Mr. M. P. Sharma. Parents of all participants were also invited to witness the mesmerizing performance of the children in music and dance. The exhibition of the art work done by the students portrayed a vivid description of all the skills possessed by the students.

The camp was a success as it invigorated the students and stimulated their creativity.

Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida organized a 4-day educational trip from 28-May-19 to 1st June-19 for students of grades VI-XII
The trip itinerary included visit to Mussoorie, Dhanaulti and Dehradun. A group of 25 students was escorted by Mr. Pradeep Sharma and Ms. Shalini Gupta.
At Mussoorie students went to visit Jawahar Aquarium where they observed different species of fishes including clown fish made popular by famous Disney character, Nemo. Students went for a hike to Gun Hill Point and enjoyed various games/activities. They shopped for gifts for their near and dear ones at Mall Road. During visit to Dhanaulti, students went for activities like Zip Line, Sky Bridge, Valley Crossing etc. The students also visited Eco Park and observed tall Deodars reaching for sky and other vegetation. They enjoyed hiking in the park and observing the different types of vegetation. At Dehradun Students visited Forest Research Institute, a huge set-up with colonial architecture, eco-friendly building leaving very less carbon footprint. Inside the Institute, students learned about various types of plant diseases, their causes and the preventive measures that can be taken. They also learned about forestry for sustainable development. In the evening, students visited Robbers’ Cave and enjoyed DJ night arranged at the hotel. It was a trip filled not only with good memories but also with a sense of camaraderie, wherein students learned living and working together as a group.

Participant: Grade 10A and 10 B
Subject: Social Science
Teacher in Charge: Ms.Hema Priyadarshini
Class activity on “Human Intervention in Natural Environment”
Human Intervention in the natural ecological balance is a burning topic of discussion in the modern world. New ideas of sustainable development i.e. development without destruction, have started cropping up all across the globe. The students of Grade 10 had an activity to design cartoons on the same topic in order to spread awareness about it in a comical way. Both sections of Grade 10 did an excellent job and came up with out of the box ideas to represent environmental degradation. The cartoons were put up on the wall outside the class in the corridors. It was conducted by the Social Science teacher Ms. Hema Priyadarshini along with Ms. Jasdeep Kaur. Principal Ma’am saw the work and appreciated it. After that the exhibition was open for all teachers and students and it was highly appreciated. Later the students’ work was kept in their respective portfolios.

The theme of the assembly was “The Rich Heritage of India”. Apart from the daily routine of Morning Prayer and News, Students of Grade XII B & C presented a skit highlighting the importance of preserving our Indian Culture. Further more certain facts and information related to the theme were provided by the Class Teacher Ms.PritiRai Shankar. The conclusion of the assembly was done by Kartikey and Gomathi Shankar with a melodious medley of songs representing rich musical legacy of India. The assembly was a combination of information as well as entertainment and was an effort to create awareness among students about the diverse culture of their country.

Assembly with a theme Grateful to the Helpful’was quite insightful. The students of grade 11B and C together conveyed a beautiful message that we must be thankful and respectful to the ones we come across in our lives.
Aditi of grade 11C reached out to the hearts of the students and awakened them from within by sharing her personal experiences with the help of a beautiful presentation. This was followed by a skit which showed how parents give their best in upbringing their children but what they get in return from their children in the form of misbehavior is not right. followed by a beautiful poem composed by Chandini of grade 11-C on ‘Our real heroes’.The purpose of the poem was to bring us back to the path of showing our gratitude and kindness to all and it was followed by lively song by Aditi ,Vaani and Gargion the same topic.
Showing teacher’s recorded message through a short video in which they expressed how teaching is becoming a thankless job due to the changing attitude of the students in the present scenario concluded the assembly.

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.’
-Rabindranath Tagore.
To mark the birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, a special assembly was organized by the students of class IV – A on 7th May. The students recited various poems from the Gitanjali and presented a soulful rendition of Gurudev classic- Mera Sheesh Nava Do. Simran sang a mellifluous Rabindra sangeet.The teacher; Ms. Neeta spoke on the life of Gurudev with information about his contribution to the fields of art and literature and motivated students to follow the path of Rabindranath’s virtuous life.

Special assembly on Earth day
Look deep into the nature, and then you will understand everything better. –Albert Einstein
With this beautiful thought class VC had conducted their assembly on the theme-IT’s Our World, Take Care Of It. Through a skit students presented the callous attitude of individuals that has placed an immense environmental burden, prevented their views on how to save our planet from destruction and feasible mode of action towards contributing to this great cause.
Principal ma’am addressed the students, urging them to adopt small steps on regular basis to protect our environment for future.

Ms. Nidhi Shah science teacher and coordinator of the Primary wing acquainted the students about Carbon footprint and ways to reduce carbon emissions globally.

CBSE Capacity Building Programme on English Class X
Date: APRIL 12 & 13, 2019
Organized By: CBSE
A two-day Capacity Building Programme for teachers of English in class X, was conducted by CBSE at Sapphire International School, Noida on 12& 13 April, 2019.Ms. Ruchi Sengar, resource person and writer of the CBSE teachers’ training module, engaged participants in a live demonstration of the role of innovative pedagogy in knowledge-based skills’ development.Nearly 40 teachers from Noida & Greater Noida attended this enlightening session.
The purpose of the capacity building programme was to fortify teachers with effective teaching methodologies needed for the millennial generation of students. The redundancy of the conventional method of teaching was highlighted and the gathering was encouraged to embrace innovative pedagogy to achieve the process of ‘assessment as learning’.
The inaugural session focused on special objectives of reading and the ways of attaining confidence and grip over comprehension skills. A thorough discussion on reading skills equipped teachers with new perspective to deal with comprehension tasks.An interesting activity brought forth the differences in individual understanding. It required teachers to close their eyes and follow specific instructions to fold and tear a blank sheet of paper. It was amazing to see sheets folded and torn at different places. The message was subtle yet lucid. Each individual interprets things differently. Thus, there are varying levels of comprehension in the classroom.The teachers were asked to solve a handout on reading comprehension. The techniques of skimming, scanning, chunking and inference were revisited.
The focus, thereafter, moved to writing skills on story writing, article and letter writing. A constructive and collaborative learning process by students was emphasized upon with teachers as facilitators. Also, the writing section should be process based, not product based.Full length discussion on the writing skills - the format and styles gave a crystal-clear picture of the latest rubrics to follow while attempting the writing section.
The workshop saw a vivacious interaction on the literature section of Class X.The focus was on teaching of poetry. Poetry requires appreciation and not lecture. The resource person shared handouts on several inventive tools as effective learning aids for the students. These aimed at creating a visual impact through the use of figures of speech, themes and inference tasks.The teachers got a hand on experience of solving various worksheets and very useful handouts related to writing and literature section were distributed which consolidated the experience gained through the workshop.
The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the lively interactions on various aspects of English syllabus and everyone gained valuable inputs of looking upon the curriculum from a new, effective perspective.

Assembly –The Joy of reading books
“Books have immortalized great minds. Books have kept ancients secrets alive. “Just imagine what you are losing just because you are not reading!” ― Ernest Agyemang
The assembly was conducted on 16 April, 2019 pertaining to the topic “The Joy of reading books”. The students of class V B gave a presentation on the different literary variety of books like fantasy, Mystery, Science fiction, Thriller, Drama, biographies etc.
The students got aware about the wide variety of genres of books which will help them to become better readers and learn to appreciate the unique value of each genre.

Celebrating World Health Day
“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless and intelligence cannot be applied”
On 9th April,2019 the primary section observed the’ World Health Day’ wherein an assembly was organized by Class V A. To highlight the significance of good health a Nukkad Natak based on ‘Health is wealth ’was presented in the assembly. It reinforced the importance of a balanced diet and food safety.

On this occasion the school nurse gave a health talk and guided students, how to choose their eatables cautiously and stay away from germs and infections.

The Pre-primary wing of Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida celebrated its Graduation Day on 16.03.19. The occasion was graced by the esteemed presence of Shri M.P. Sharma, Sr. Vice president (Education), Ms. Meeta Bhandula, Principal and parents. The programme commenced with lighting of the lamp, followed by a welcome song by tiny tots which enthralled the audience. The Principal, in her speech, congratulated the kindergarteners for graduating to primary and made an appeal to parents to give quality time to their children and promote creativity and innovation in young minds.
The budding orators presented an overview of the activities and happenings of Pre-Primary wig in the academic session 2018-9, in form of Annual Report . The children showcased their skills and confidence through a mesmerizing performance on the theme 'Circus' which left the audience Spellbound. The parents were overjoyed to watch their wards perform on foot tapping music. The children were felicitated with their graduation degrees by the honorable guests. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by the Pre-Primary coordinator, Mrs. Supriya Sawani.

Grade I – III

Primary school is an opportune time to do everything possible to increase a child's interest in books and reading. It involves, innovates and ignites the reading habits of the students. The purpose of library assembly was to equip students with lifelong learning skills and develop their imagination. Library assemblyorganized on 5th march 2019 was a boost to promote the reading habits among the students. It was full of various interesting activities like role play, poem recitation, puzzles on proverbs etc. All these activities gave the student the chance to put their reading and knowledge very creatively and in innovative ways. The children remained very active, enthusiastic and fostered the enjoyment of reading as a recreational activity.

Achievers in different sports were felicitated by the Principal

Games and sports are an integral part of a student’s life. It is believed that a student should study hard to be successful in studies but at the same time the importance of fitness and sports cannot be ruled out. Sports in education helps to develop mental growth and increases the power of reasoning of students. Being actively involved in sports help students relax from their daily routine of learning syllabus and reduces exam stress. One needs to keep a balance between work and play to keep the body and soul in sync. Sports not only makes a person strong from outside but also develops a fit and sound body. Sports assembly was organized on 12th March 2019. Children spoke about various types of Sports and their importance. Mr. Raman Vaid encouraged students to perform warm-up (chicken dance) exercise. They were made aware about the different sports offered by the school for the upcoming session. Students were encouraged to enroll themselves in different sports academy like Golf, Football, junior NBA, Kids fitness program etc to lead a better life

Kashvi and Jai Sharma of class IV - C made the school proud with their commendable achievement in All India Roller Skating Championship which took place on 13th and 14th April at Chandigarh .They had marked their names in International book of records by making the record in Longest Roller Skating Relay Race Principal, Ms. Meeta Bhandula congratulated Kashvi and Jai Sharma for their consistent hard work and arduous effort .

Students won accolades at Inter School Chess Tournament
Our school chess team won the 2nd runner up championship in the prestigious Inter school chess tournament held at GD Goenka School, Noida on 27th and 28th April. Principal madam congratulated and appreciated all the students for their wonderful performances and motivated them for their future endeavors.

SESSION -2018-19

The new session commenced on 2nd April 2018. A special assembly was organized in order to welcome new student as well as to encourage and motivate the other student as well. The assembly began with the school choir brightening the whole atmosphere with their melodious song . This was followed by thought for the day & news. The Officiating principal Ms. Vidhu Kulshreshtha welcomed one and all and stressed on not comparing yourself with others but competing with yourself. The day also marked the beginning of week-long celebration of “Autism Week”, where Ms. Pratibha Upadhyay informed the student about autism and that awareness and acceptance is the call of the day. The assembly concluded with the “National Anthem”


"Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life". To hone the leadership and organizing skills in the students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, a school Prefectorial Board consisting of 60 members was formed after scrutinous interview and selection. The Investiture Ceremony was held on 16th July 2018 in the school Multi-Purpose Hall. The chief guest for the event was Col. Shroht Singh. With him the other dignitaries’ who graced the occasion with their presence were Ms Manika Gaur (Associate Director) , Mr. M P Sharma (Senior Vice-President) and Ms Vidhu Kulshreshtha (Officiating Principal). The event started with a prayer song sung by the school choir. The student council members were administered the oath and bestowed badges and sashes. The Students’ Council pledged to lead their school from the front with commitment, confidence and competence and take it to greater heights. The newly elected Head Boy, Dhawan Bhati and Head Girl, Ahaana Tiwari expressed their gratitude for the honour conferred on them and promised to work towards the goals and responsibilities expected of them. The Convener, Lavanya Pal proposed the vote of thanks.

Senior Wing Student Council 2018-19
S.N Post Name Class
1 Convener Lavanya Pal XII
2 Head Boy Dhavan Bhati XII
3 Head Girl Ahana Tiwari XII
4 Vice Head Boy Akshay Yadav XI
5 Vice Head Boy Hannah Singh XI
6 Cultural CaptainDaksh Joshi XI
7 Cultural Team Shubham XI
8 Cultural Team Nitya Agnihotri X
9 Sports Captain Bhavya Sharma XI
10 Sports Captain Sakshi Singh XI
11 Peace House Captain Anjali Bhisht XI
12 Peace House Vice Captain Vidyun XI
13 Peace House Prefect Rajat VIII
14 Peace House Prefect Kartik VIII
15 Peace House Prefect Amber IX
16 Peace House Prefect Kaaira IX
17 Harmony House Captain Jeevika XI
18 Harmony House Vice Captain Sharique Ali Khan XI
19 Harmony House Prefect Bhumi Chauhan IX
20 Harmony House Prefect Pulkit VII
21 Harmony House Prefect Ooj Amit Srivastav VIII
22 Harmony House Prefect Somya VIII
23 Unity House Captain Gomthi Shankar XI
24 Unity House Vice Captain Aditya XI
25 Unity House Prefect Rachit Chauhan VIII
26 Unity House Prefect Udit IX
27 Unity House Prefect Parv VIII
28 Unity House Prefect Aryansh IX
29 Fraternity House Captain Devraj Thakur XI
30 Fraternity House Vice Captain Raj Sondik XI
31 Fraternity House Prefect Ritambhara IX
32 Fraternity House Prefect Shivang VIII
33 Fraternity House Prefect Rudra Negi IX
34 Fraternity House Prefect Syed VIII

LITERATI FIESTA – 3 August 2018

“Doing what is right, fair and honourable is more important than winning or losing”.
Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida organised their first interschool competition, LITERATI FIESTA 2018 on 3rd August 2018. It was attended by literary scholars and students from 35 schools.
The event started with the formal welcome of the guests Ms. Manika Gaur, Associate Director, Jaypee Group and Mr. M P Sharma, Sr. Vice President, Jaypee Group and eminent jury members by our Officiating Principal, Ms. Vidhu Kulshreshtha. Students from reputed schools participated in three different categories of each Hindi and English. Play enactment on interesting scenes from the dramas of Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde were enacted. Battle of words and Character Come Alive were also the part of competition. Besides this Hindi Nukkad Natak, Ashuwaq and Lok Katha Pradarshan showcased the literary talent of the competitors The judges gave away the prizes to the winners. Jaypee Public school, Greater Noida won the overall trophy by winning first prize in 2 events (English Play & Nukkad Natak) second Prize in 3 events: Characters Come Alive, Kathputli Play & Debate and third prize in Aashuwaq. The maiden event which added another feather to the cap of Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida was a huge success.

TEACHER' DAY - 5 September 2018

‘A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in pupils.’ Teachers’ day was celebrated with great gusto and gaiety on 5th September 2018. The cultural committee prepared a scintillating cultural show to symbolize their love, respect, acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their development and growth. The cultural show incorporated songs, dance and drama. The students entertained the teachers by arranging fun games for them. The students acknowledged the role of teachers and felt inadequate in expressing their gratitude for their selfless service and commitment. The program was enjoyed and cherished by all the teachers. It was concluded with the address of the Principal, Ms Meeta Bhandula. She extended her affection to all students on behalf of staff and appreciated the cultural committee and the new prefects for their successful coordination. The school management hosted a lunch for the staff members and the day ended with a small fun-filled program.
It was truly a proud day for the teachers to bask in the love and attention they received from their students and the management.


Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida organized CBSE North Zone1 Lawn Tennis Tournament .The grand opening ceremony of the event took place on the 8 October 2018 in the school premises with lots of fervour and enthusiasm. ‘To enjoy the glow of good health you must exercise.’ Keeping in mind this beautiful saying, the inaugural ceremony started with the welcoming of the dignitaries .The chief guests who graced the occasion with their presence were Ms. Poonam Vishnoi, District Sports Officer, Gautam Budh Nagar. Mr. Zakir Khan an eminent shooter and a recipient of Gold Medal in Commonwealth Games at Delhi in 2010, Ms Ankita Bhambri Silver Medalist in Asian Games held at Doha in 2006, Ms Manika Gaur, Associate Director, Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan, Cdr SJ Singh, President (Education) JSS, Mr M.P.Sharma, Manager, Jaypee Public School and Ms Anjali Malik, Principal, Jaypee Public School, Noida. The School Principal Ms. Meeta Bhandula apprised the dignitaries, participants and the parents about the 87 teams from 51 schools who have taken part in this event. She motivated the participants with her inspirational words by saying that winning and losing are the two sides of coin, what matters is your participation and that too in true sportsmanship. The guest of honour Ms. Poonam Vishnoi hosted the CBSE flag followed by the lighting of torch by Ms. Ankita Bhambri and declaring the meet open. This was followed by the march past of the students with the School Band. A lively cultural programme based on rich cultural heritage of India was enjoyed by the parents and the participants. After the opening ceremony the participants moved to Jaypee Sports Complex for the tournament. More than 300 participants took part in this event.

Run for Unity

Trip to Muddy Boots – 5 November 2018

Before the onset of Diwali break, the students of grade 6-12 went for a trip to Muddy Boots located at Gaur City, Greater Noida. A whole range of fun-filled adventure activities were organized for the students throughout the day by Rocksport. The students performed adventure tasks and enjoyed these activities under the supervision of Rocksport personnel.

Children’s Day Celebration – 14 November 2018

The school celebrated Children’s Day on 14 November 2018 with pomp and show. Interhouse group dance competition was held. The students worked together as teams and gave their best performance on the stage. Harmony house won the competition. Various sports activities were also organised for the students.

Workshop by ASSET – 16 November 2018

ASSET is a skill-based test that measures student’s conceptual understanding, benchmarks school’s performance at an international, national & regional level with actionable insights through easy-to-understand reports. The test was organized in the month of August 2018. Thereafter, a workshop was organised on 16 November 2018 to discuss the result and performance of the students. Resource person Mr Prakhar discussed the misconceptions of the students.
He also advised the teachers to go through the class / subject reports generated to rectify the problem areas.

Workshop by PACE – 16 November 2018

PACE is an organization which prepares students for only IIT-JEE and AIIMS examination. A workshop was organised by PACE for the students of grade 8-10. The resource person Mr Avneesh briefed the students on how to choose the subjects depending upon the area of interest. The organisation also conducted an aptitude test for the students on 19 November 2018.

Traffic Rules and Road Safety – 22 November 2018

Mr Balbir Singh (ASI) and Mr Rajeev Kumar (Constable) conducted workshop and awareness program for the traffic rules and road safety. They informed the students about the importance of following traffic rules and also emphasised on using helmets and seat belts to avoid injury while driving. He also expressed that every student should make others aware of the need to follow safety rules on the road. Students took a pledge that they will follow all safety norms on the road as well as follow traffic rules.

ANNUAL FUNCTION – 8 December 2018

The Annual function with the theme Nai Taleem, a musical portrayal of Evolution of Education from the era of Vedas and Gurukuls to the education system of the digital age was organised by Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida at Gautam Budh University. On this propitious occasion, the Chief guest Mr S.C Saxena Vice Chancellor of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology graced the occasion with his benign presence. Associate Director of school Ms Manika Gaur, Vice President Education Chairman Cd. S J Singh, Senior Vice President Education M P Sharma along with the school Principal Ms.Meeta Bhandula were amongst the dignitaries who also added to the grace of the function by their presence. The function took off with great enthusiasm and fervour. The lighting of the lamp and hymn sung by students in praise of Goddess Saraswati was simply inspiring and invigorating. This was followed by an artistic orchestral rendition and choir by the talented students. The NAI TALEEM-a musical extravaganza of dance and drama in which more than 400 students took part was truly incredible, vibrant and electrifying.
The Principal Mrs Meeta Bandula welcomed the Chief Guest ,the dignitaries and the valued parents. She highlighted the achievements the school has made round the year in her Annual Report. The Chief Guest launched the school’s New Website and addressed the students .His words of wisdom inspired and motivated the students to scale great heights in their career with focus, hard wok and dedication. Achievers in the field of academics and sports were given trophies ,cash prize and scholarships. The function was wrapped up by the members of Student Council with profuse thanks to the Chief Guest and all the dignitaries present.

District Taekwondo Championship – 14 December 2018

District Taekwondo Championship was held on 14 December 2018 at Noida Stadium. 22 students from different classes (Class 3 onwards) participated in the event. They won the sub-junior championship.

    Silver Medals
  • Sara sachin- 3c
  • Shambhavi- 4C
  • Avni mishra- 4A
  • Arnavi bahuguna- 4C
  • Garv bhati 5B
  • Aanchal. - 9A
  • Charvi - 9A
  • Tushit mavi - 8B
    • Brownz Medals
  • Ram- 4c
  • Vanshika bhati- 4C
  • Chris simon- 5C
  • Vaibhav kasana- 5A
  • kirti talan - 6B
  • Devansh sharma- 8A
  • Bhomik.- 8B
  • Chhavi. - 9

  • Interaction Session of parents of CGCC children with Principal – 15 December 2018

    On the request of parents of the gifted children an interaction session with principal Ms Meeta Bhandula was planned on 15 December.2018 to know her vision for these children. Principal assured the parents that more emphasis will be given to outdoor activities and social learning skills of the kids. Separate audio-visual room will be allotted for CGCC children. Occupational and Speech therapy rooms to be well-equipped and detailed psychological records to be maintained for the children.

    The state-wide Measles Rubella Vaccination Drive – 17 & 25 December 2018

    Measles and rubella (MR) immunization drive started on Tuesday on 17 December 2018 at Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida in two phases. During the first phase students were vaccinated. They were kept under doctor’s supervision for 30 mins. A waiting area was created for parents who wanted to be present at the time of vaccination. The second phase of the drive was undertaken on 21 December 2018.

    CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION – 24 December 2018

    A special assembly was organised to celebrate Christmas. The students of grade 6B hosted the assembly and presented the ‘Nativity Play’, marking the birth of Lord Jesus. The students of the choir group sang Christmas carols. The students dressed up as Santa and distributed candies.

    Republic day.-.22January2019

    The 70th Republic day was celebrated by the students of primary section. A special assembly was conducted to commemorate the occasion. The assembly started with the prayer. Mantram of class 2C gave a speech on Republic day followed by a patriotic poem presented by Samarth of class 2C on “Gantantra diwas”. After that the melodious choir of class 5 sang a medley of patriotic songs. With the aim of making students aware about the significance and facts of Republic day, Vijwal of class 5B presented a quiz along with the PPT on Republic day. The assembly concluded with the national anthem.

    Farewell - 31st January 2019

    Students of class XI bid adieu to the senior most students of the school on 31st January 2019 with great zest and exuberance. The students were dressed in their best attires. An array of stupendous dance, song and band performances were dedicated to the seniors. The skit and lazy dance won the heart of all. Each student was awarded with specific ‘Titles’ matching his/her personality and character trait. A time to reflect down the memory lane, the feel of nostalgia, emotions running deep, sentiments and expression of gratitude, advises, reminiscence of joyous moments spent in the school, filled the hearts of the students. In the foyer a signature board was displayed where all the senior batch students were requested to pen down their emotions. Education Director Ms. Manika Gaur, Mr. M P Sharma (Manager) and Ms. Meeta Bhandula, Principal graced the occasion with their benign presence. The grand function culminated with a scrumptious dinner. The enthusiastic zealots were bound to take back wonderful and celebratory memories of the day. The prime attraction of the evening was MISS and MR JPS PAGEANT 2018, in which all the students from class XII competed against each other. The winners of the various coveted titles are:

    Title Winner
    Mr Jaypee Harshvardhan Singh
    Miss Jaypee Agrima Agarwal
    Mr Courteous Ishaan Sinha
    Miss Courteous Lavanya Pal
    Mr Attractive Personality Shobhit Lakhanpal
    Miss Attractive Personality Saloni Kasana

    Martyrs day – 5February2019

    Grade 1 A and B conducted their assembly on the theme ‘Martyrs day’. The assembly commenced with the prayer followed by thought of the day and the school news. The students portrayed the life, thoughts, principles and movement initiated by Gandhiji through a short skit. Principal ma’am appreciated the efforts of Grade 1 students. The assembly concluded with the national anthem

    Basant Panchami – 11February2019

    The assembly commenced with the pious shloka ‘Ya kun den do’ on goddess Saraswati and lighting of lamp by the Principal ma’am. The significance of the occasion was then explained by Aayana Shukla of class VII-B who also shared some important facts about the festival. The students of class V presented a mellifluous Saraswati vandana. The children offered yellow marigold flowers to the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. The students were accompanied by teachers to do the Tika ceremony of their respective classes with the objective of imbibing the ethical and cultural values. The staff and students sought the blessings of goddess Saraswati; to shower her blessings and show them the path of wisdom. Principal ma’am wished good luck to all the children for their approaching final term exams.

    Healthy food and Junk food - 12February2019

    The assembly began with the prayer followed by thought of the day and news. There was a role play on healthy and junk food. The students were dressed as fruits and vegetables. Each child spoke about the benefits of eating different fruits and vegetables. It was followed by the poem recitation on ‘Junk food’ by grade 1. The school nurse Ms. Gaythri talked about the importance of eating healthy food. She encouraged students to consume fruits and vegetables and showed the video on healthy food. Our young audience were glued to their places and seemed to absorb all they heard! After that principal ma’am boosted the confidence of young achievers of Olympiad and ASSET by presenting medals and certificates to them. The assembly culminated with the national anthem.

    Talk on junk. And healthy food by Ms. Gaythri

    Assembly on healthy and junk food by grade 1C

    Best performer of ASSET and olympiad prize distribution by ma'am

    Delfest was organized by DLF world School Greater Noida on 22nd November2018. The students of our school went to participate in Delfest based on the theme “COSMIC SAGA”. They bagged following prizes:
    FIRST PRIZE: Poorvi Gautam of grade 6B in COMIC STRIP making activity called COSMIC PARODY.
    1. Khyati Aggarwal of grade 6A in COMIC STRIP activity called COSMIC PARODY.
    2. Aaditya Bhardwaj of grade 7A in AD MAD SHOW called CELESTIAL DELIGHT.
    3. Ridham Jain of grade 4 for BROCHURE MAKING activity called SPACE VOYAGERS.
    1. Priyanshu of grade 3 for making a COSMIC MASTERPIECE.
    2. Amber Sharma of grade 9B in DEBATE called STAR WARS.

    HAWAN CEREMONY – 18 February 2019

    To invoke divine blessings of God for the students appearing for Class X & XII CBSE Board Examinations, a Hawan Ceremony was organized on 18 February 2019 at Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida. Inches away from embarking upon their career goals, the students were seen with a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness.

    The ritual was attended by the school Manager, Mr M P Sharma, Ms Meeta Bhandula, Principal, the teaching faculty and the students. Principal Ma’am sat along with the Headboy and Head Girl before the ‘ Hawan Kunda’ and mantras were chanted. The ceremony was performed religiously under the divine fervour and spirituality. It ended with ‘Puran Ahuti’ and distribution of prasad. The Principal concluded by saying that this ritual will surely energise your inner self and destroy the imperfections. She asserted the students to follow the path of righteousness, have faith in their efforts, remain focused and stop worrying as good results are bound to happen. After the ceremony, the admit cards for the forthcoming board exams were handed over to the students and the teaching faculty wished them for their future endeavours.

    DRAWING COMPETITION.- 16 February 2019

    A drawing competition titled “KHWABON MEIN RANG BHARO” was organized on 16th Grads International School. Students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 8 participated in the competition. Various themes like FAMILY, FAVOURITE SEASON, SAVE GIRL CHILD, UNITY IN DIVERSITY, SAVE EARTH etc. were given on the spot.

    Abhay Khandelwal of grade 1C and Avni Bhardwaj of grade 6B were ranked 2nd while Tanishka Singhal of grade 5B received 3rd prize. Consolation prize was given to Atharv Vats of grade KG A. Indu Singh (grade 6B), Prisha Verma, Mehreen Dhillon and Medha Mishra (grade 7B) were appreciated for their beautiful imagination and coloring skills.

    Conducted by: - CBSC
    Venue: - FR. Agnel School, sec.62 Noida Resource person: - Mrs. Pooja Jetly
    Attended by: - 1- Mrs. Nidhi Saha 2- Mrs. Pratibha Sharma
    Date: - On 8th and 9th February’2019
    Following points were covered in two days workshop.

    - Challenges in the class that a teacher faces and techniques to handle them.
    - Importance of record keeping in the form of anecdotal and observation record.
    - How teacher creates influence by action or lack of action. Positive words and encouragement work more effectively than harsh words and criticism.
    - Understanding emotions, limitations and barriers of special need students and sensitizing other students and teacher about them also.
    - An inclusion is all about mind set, creativity, encouragement, involvement and believes in child.
    - Class handling with special need students in inclusive setup.
    - Effective use of ABC techniques for behavior management.
    - About UDL and using UDL for curriculum design and lesson plan.
    - Techniques to make modified question papers and how to work on skill development.
    - Types of disability and techniques of handling them.
    - About Government policies, exemptions, recommendations, reservations and other facilities for special need students in private schools.
    - Difference between inclusion and integrated education system and setup.
    - Planning for barrier free and special need friendly school setup.


    A seminar was organized by ICTRC to address the issue of managing behavioral problems in adolescents, on 20th February2019 at India International Centre, New Delhi. “Youth today love luxury, have bad manners, no respect for older people and talk nonsense when they should be working.” This was what Shakespeare wrote about adolescents and youth in the 16th century. Even in the 21st century this description seems to fit adolescents as the adults think. While researchers today have dismissed the notion that adolescence is an inherently challenging period of development, educators and parents seem to have retained it. Despite common notions about adolescents, they are often energetic, thoughtful and idealistic with a deep interest in what is fair and right. The prominent speakers Dr.Ravindran and Prof. Keshav Singh discussed about the behavioral problems in adolescents and the importance of inclusive set-up in school.
    The role of school and a healthy communication between the school and parents nurtured by mutual trust go a long way in managing such issues. The empowerment of teachers to deal with such issues was also stressed upon. The seminar was attended by Ms. Pratibha Upadhaya and Ms. Shalini Gupta.

    Activity: Sahaja Yoga

    Our school organized Yoga session for primary students. The students were educated about the importance of Yoga. Lt.Col. O.P Singh explained that yoga helps in maintaining not only physical and mental health but also a healthy social life. The students were acquainted with six Chakras (energy centres) of our body. He appealed to the students to include Sahaja Yoga in their daily routine for its wholesome and salubrious effect on the mind, body and soul.