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JAYPEE Public School's vision has been to promote Indian ethos and deliver multicultural education. The infrastructure is modern and spacious in the form of beautiful and aesthetically planned landscape within Jaypee Greens at Surajpur- Kasna Road, Greater Noida. Away from the hustle bustle of Delhi yet connected to it through an express way.
On entry point into school, each pupil is placed in a class as per the age guidelines recommended by CBSE. To be in Nursery, the child should be 3 ½ as on 31st March of that year. For Pre-nursery or the toddler group, the age criterion is 2 ½ years as on 31st March of that year. One section of a particular class comprises of not more than 30-35 children in number under a teacher for monitoring all the aspects of progress and welfare supported by Subject Teachers and co-scholastic teachers along with a group of Administrative Staff who caters to child needs.

Board and Curriculum

Pre-primary – Concept Formation
Each child is nurtured with love and protection as a result within no time school becomes a second home for children. Our school's philosophy for children at kindergarten level is to nurture them by giving them joyful experiences so that they become happy children always ready to come to school..

Constructivist based approach is given greater emphasis in our curriculum. Keeping in view that a child is the architect of his/her own knowledge, he is taught through concept-based learning thus giving freedom to explore the connections between different subject areas. Students are taught through story telling, play, dance and drama. These are equally important as science, mathematics and social science. Periods have been allotted to these areas in the week's timetable.

The naturally curious minds are exposed to conditions that can evoke freedom of thought and expression. Language development, concept formation, socio emotional skills along with fine and gross motor development happen simultaneously through exploration, interrogation and eventually self-discovery. This can build confident youngsters who feel free to be creative and motivated to learn. The path is laid thus for the toddlers to board the adventure of learning and march into the primary level.

Language development is an integral part of the curriculum. We create such a conducive environment where the child gets interested in listening to others and this assists him in enrichment of his vocabulary and development of language.

Fine motor skills are all about eye hand coordination which develops in the child gradually by doing activities like sprinkling sand on pictures, thumb printing, cutting and folding papers and so on. These activities have been integrated in the week's time table of the child.

Learning about own body parts and also about personal hygiene makes the child become independent. Among the various activities children also learn how to dress up or change clothes, tie shoes, use the wash room and keep the surroundings clean.

Cognitive development is a broad area that covers logical reasoning, perception, awareness and judgment. This area develops by exposing the small children to explore various activities which they are so much curious about and keen to discover. Rather than spoon feeding children are guided to do self exploration and find answers themselves thereby learning to comprehend facts at a very tender age.

Pre-nursery kids have immense energy as they are growing up very fast. They are given ample opportunities to run, play, jump, climb, hop and crawl which eventually develops the bigger muscles in the body especially the limbs. Suitable toys and apparatus are used which help the children to build muscle control, balance and dexterity.

Children start interacting and communication with their peers when they usher into their social life. It is natural that during the process of the development of socio-emotional area they start learning to frame rules of games, wait and take turns which further leads to negotiating in the process. Appropriate mannerisms and behavior are inculcated in the children by their mentors at this stage by means of dramatization and role plays. They learn self expression and venting emotions.

Primary – Skills Development

Children, in general, at this stage know their potentials and are ready to learn and explore in the right direction. Children are ready to march from the stage of vulnerability to independence. They face challenging experiences which further leads them to develop their divergent thinking skills. By this stage they are so well equipped that they easily grasp the various scholastic and co-scholastic areas and are ready to step into the middle level.

Language skills
Children are motivated and engaged in reading activities which, in turn, prompts their thinking, imagination and analytical skills. They are involved in various group activities leading to furtherance of their writing as well as speaking skills.

Arithmetic and mathematical skills
Arithmetic and mathematical skills of the inquisitive minds are sharpened by engaging them in questions involving logical reasoning and analysis. Apart from the questions given at the end of the exercises questions involving higher order thinking skills are regularly given to them so that their reasoning and cognitive abilities are developed.

Scientific skills
The concept of the scientific theory is reinforced by giving them ample opportunities in experimentation under guidance of the mentors. The scientist in young children is honed by engrossing them in several group activities, laboratory activities and class room projects where their natural urge to apply the scientific theory into practicals develop the logical and reasoning skills.
Computer skills- Theory classes are supported by practical activities in the computer labs. Demonstrations are given by mentors and hands on activities by students help reinforce their grasping of the machine and its functioning. All the teachers are computer savvy and the school is connected with wi-fi. Digital literacy has been introduced in the school curriculum also.
Social Studies- Social Studies plays an important role in the development of multiple skills eg interpretation of the past, comparison of the past to the present and extrapolations of its implications for the posterity. Social studies is made interesting and challenging by engaging the students in real life activities namely plays, models, surveys and innovative activities.
General knowledge- The school subscribes to the Times of India for the children's edition. Space has been given in the weekly timetable. Topics of the newspapers are debated in order to improve their General Awareness. Moreover, the Quiz, puzzles and various interesting games are also embedded in our academic calendar.
Morals and values- School believes in inculcating moral values and principles among students. Story sessions, plays coupled with hyms, guest lectures, workshop and to name a few are integral part of our school curriculum.

MIDDLE SCHOOL The Middle School curriculum is holistic as it concerns itself with fostering a culturally sensitive and socially responsible student who has strong communication skills, is confident and is an avid learner. Socio-emotional skills are just as important as the student's academic prowess! This philosophy allows our students to discover their academic strengths and interests. Besides cultivating more advanced academic skills, the Middle School curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop in their creative, physical, technical, and empathetic skills to ensure the development of a well-rounded individual.

By the time a child prepares to head out into the world, JAYPEE PUBLIC School has an in-depth knowledge of his inherent strengths and weaknesses, gathered through years of assessment and mind mapping. Besides helping the children to discover their paths in life and equipping them accordingly, JAYPEE PUBLIC School also helps them prepare for important upcoming exams. This is approached through a three tier method of knowledge acquisition, retention and application. Students acquire knowledge through vibrant multimedia explanations, and are taught a variety of techniques to suit the way their mind works to retain knowledge

By the time the child enters this stage, he is fully aware of his inherent potentials and his aptitude for subjects. Accordingly curriculum is designed in such a way to suit his needs and aptitude. Emphasis is laid on imparting a wider knowledge beyond the text which is not confined to the protected portals of this school. Blooms's taxonomy used by the school accelerates his understanding of the concept. Extra sheets consisting of the questions based on Higher Order Thinking Skills are given to help them broaden their mental horizon, analyze, and research on what they learn. Mentors prepare them for their successful entry into the world of higher education to enhance their career prospects.

REMEDIAL CLASSES School goes by the philosophy that every child has latent talent. Extra classes are arranged for slow learners on 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays to bridge the gap between them and the good students. In order to help them to cope with the syllabus remedial classes are conducted after the school hours also.

The school also provides base for various competitive exams, Olympiads and NTSE. In pursuit for excellence.

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Notices and Circular

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2. MEASELS RUBELLA VACCINATION 01-01-2018 circular2


The teachers of Jaypee Public School, have good experience and have to go through rigorous process of recruitment that enquires into their strong base in the subject of their specialization. They are innovative, creative and most importantly child centered in their approach. They are willing to learn before they start teaching. JPS teachers are made to go through several in-house orientation programs regarding its philosophy and focus, the general system and methodology, the evaluation system and the like. In addition, all of them are provided training in using computers for effective class-room learning

1. MS. Meeta Bhandula PRINCIPAL
2. MS. Vidhu Kulshreshtha PGT(English)
3. Mr Shekhar Maheshwari PGT (B.ST, ACCT)
4. Mr Harvendra Singh PGT (MATHEMATICS)
5. Ms Deepti Kanchan PGT (CHEMISTRY)
6. Ms Shahnawaz Ansari PGT (BIOLOGY)
7. Ms Ritu Datta PGT (Economics)
8. Mr. Naveen Goel PGT (PHYSICS)
9. Ms Rooma Khemka PGT (COMPUTER)
10. Ms Suvigya Drabu PGT (SCIENCE)
11. Mr Rishkesh Saxena TGT (MUSIC)
12. Ms Shalini Gupta TGT (CHEMISTRY)
13. Mr Pradeep Kumar Sharma TGT (MATHEMATICS)
14. Ms Priti Rai Shankar TGT (S. SCIENCE)
15. Ms.Pratibha Sharma Upadhayaya TGT (SCHOOL COUNSELLOR)
16. Ms Jaya Shukla TGT(HINDI)
17. Ms Meenu Lakhanpal TGT(S.ST)
18. Ms Nidhi Shah TGT(SCIENCE)
19. Ms Neeraj Singh TGT  (PTI)
20. Ms Bhavneet Kaur TGT  (COMPUTER)
21. Ms.Mamta Raje Gupta TGT  (HINDI)
22. Ms.Monica Sharma TGT  (Eng)
23. Ms Kajol Sharma PRT
24. Ms. Supriya Sawani PRT
25. Ms R Manjusha Chandran PRT ALL SUBJECTS
26. Ms Attashi Basu Dutta PRT
27. Ms Rupa Roy PRT DANCE
28. Ms Shraddha Mathuria PRT ALL SUBJECTS
29. Ms Sumedha Patni PRT
30. Mr Sujit Sutradhar PRT Art & craft
31. Ms Hema Pandey lab Attendant
32. Ms Gayathri Murali PRT ALL SUBJECTS
33. Ms Guneeta Singh PRT
34. Ms Rashmi Singh PRT ALL SUBJECTS
35. Ms Neeta PRT
36. Ms. Ruchi Kandpal PRT
37. Mohita Mathur PRT
38. Kusum Pandey PRT
39. Ms Garima Joshi PRT(S. SCIENCE)
40. Ms. Jasdeep Kaur PRT
41. Ms Jyoti Sharma PRT
42. Ms. Arti Attri PRT(COMPUTER)
43. Ms Puja Sharma PRT(MATHS)
44. Ms Meenu Sharma PRT(HINDI)
45. Ms Monika Mudgal NTT
46. Ms Sonali Srivastava NTT
47. Ms Archana Srivastava NTT
48. Ms Ruchi Sharma NTT
49. Ms Neha Verma PRT(ART & CRAFT)
50. Ms. Priya Kanchan PRT
51. Ms.Rachna Kumar NTT
52. Ms. Neha Sharma Librarian
53. Ms.Bindu Bharadwaj NTT
54. Ms.Poonam Special Educator
55. Ms.Jessica Pradhan Special Educator
56. Mr.Rajeev Ranjan Speech Therapist
57. Mr. Gajinder Singh Lab Assistant
58. Mr. Prakash Rai Special Educator
AS ON 06-09-2018








The school has created a welcoming environment by providing spacious infrastructure attractively landscaped. An area where students can be taken out by the teacher for story telling sessions, nature walk and also can be used for free play by children during break time.

The academic facilities are designed to include a wide range of interactive books on different subjects from the international publishers along with tapes and CDs; the collection is replenished from time to time. Also equipped with networked computers linked to a filtered intranet service. Reference reading and research section would be an extended part of the library.

Students are constantly encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypothesis . There are three comprehensive laboratories, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Many meaningful group projects in the sciences are assigned to students with clear guidance from the teacher. With the help of Online lab (O LAB APP) experiments demonstrates on soft board . This gives students a chance to experiment and learn cooperatively, a skill that is irreplaceable in today's world. The laboratories are well designed, airy and well lit. A lot of thought has gone into the making of these labs safe for student's use, with wash areas at every table and acid spill showers within easy reach . Electrical and gas supply channels are protected by screens , and have safety cut- off taps.

Computer Lab
The School has two computer laboratories accessible to students. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which caters to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum.
The department has qualified and committed teachers to teach different classes at different levels i.e. Primary, Secondary and Sr. Secondary.
Besides taking care of the curriculum, the students are given opportunities to participate in various competitions in alliance with Information Technology like NCO(National Cyber Olympiad) at National level.

Laboratories, Art, Design & Technology Centre
A composite lab is equipped to high standards of safety and support the learning of science from an early age. Under the supervision of trained teachers and Lab technicians, experimentation is encouraged.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Being an essential tool for learning an access to Information technology is encouraged in JPS. The installed internet connections, interactive white boards, audio-visual systems, and host of ICT hardware including support from JILIT in the form of Bhartividya Power Class enhances not only the quality but also the depth of learning for the students as also for the teaching and administrative staff of JPS. Parents and teachers have quarterly meetings to discuss the students' progress.

Maths Lab
The school provides a Maths Lab to children .Hands on Approach and understanding by doing and handling a concept by drawing conclusion on their own is handled in the Lab. Models made in 3-D provides a visual,hence helping the children not only to understand the concept better but also to assimilate it better.

Class-rooms and other rooms
Although every class room has a capacity of 40 students but only 30-35 students to a class are catered to. Each class is equipped with display boards, writing boards, racks for students, custom made furniture and a provision for broadband internet connection. A well stocked Class Library is available in every class. Junior classes have a special ear marked area for story listening, telling and building. Kindergarten and primary classes also have variety of games, puzzles, and toys to explore and to play, riddle and Secondary School classes are equipped with teaching-aids in the class or in the laboratories.

Sports Room:
It is a room where various play equipment right from balls, raquets, shutter cocks, TT bats and balls are stacked along with yoga mats.

The school maintains a well-equipped pantry where children of Classes V onwards assemble at 10:45 a.m. to have their snack / breakfast on well laid out tables and share this time interacting with children of different classes and knowing the school faculty.

JPS Greater Noida Infirmary is managed by a full time trained nurse to care for day to day health problems of the children. A consulting practitioner will be visiting the school to conduct regular medical examinations. All cases of injury or illness will receive immediate medical attention. At Present the school is supported by the infirmary of jaypee sports complex.

Activity Room
Activity room is a play area specially designed for pre primary classes. Children of Pre nur,Nur and KG eagerly look forward in this period where they can go and play make believe games along with their teachers.

Air-conditioned Buses are made available for the children. The children are accompanied by Driver, Helper, and a lady attendant. The school has decided the bus points and the same can be revised as per the necessary requirement as deem fit by the school authorities

Cultural rooms
Music ,dance and A.V room serve as cultural rooms along with M.P hall. Children from Pre Nur. Onwards visit these rooms regularly as per their time table. Multipurpose Hall also acts as a venue for putting up various assemblies programs and workshop.

Resource Room
Library serves as a resource room as far as books are concerned but a resource room where teaching aids and various other resources related to class room teaching is concerned is also available to both staff and students.

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