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About Us

Our Motto


Our Mission

To enable the children to discover themselves through the use of a meaningful curriculum, activities and routine. Children attending Jaypee Public Schools will become physically and mentally strong, and shall evolve into articulate, well groomed individuals through their all-rounded development. Our education system endeavours to enable them to aspire for and achieve higher goals in life.

To prepare committed, empowered and enlightened citizens, who shall contribute meaningfully to the growth of our nation

We believe............
Jaypee Public School seeks to cultivate responsible individuals who bring an International perspective towards learning. At Jaypee we believe, all of us have a responsibility to:
  • Be thoughtful and ambitious in setting and working to achieve academic and personal goals.
  • Think and act critically,creatively and independently and to be able to use these skills to solve complex problems.
  • Understand that learning takes place in many contexts, each of which adds to personal and professional development.
  • Demonstrate ethical attitude towards work and social relationships.
  • Demonstrate personal values and respect for others.
  • Be aware of human achievement and demonstrate sensitivity to the history and culture of people all over the world.
  • Participate to serve the community.

Core values
  • Promotion of Indian ethos and values
  • Academic excellence
  • Respect for all stakeholders
  • Team Work
  • Empowered faculty
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Promotion of all round development
  • Student at the center of our universe

Managing Committee

List of School Management Committee (SESSION 2018-19)

S.No. Name Designation
1 Smt. Urvashi Gaur Chairperson
2 Smt. Nandita Gaur Member
3 Cdr.  S.J Singh Member
4 Ms. Manika Gaur Member
5 Shri M.P. Sharma Manager
6 Ms. Meeta Bhandula Principal, JPSGN Member Secretary
7 Smt. Anjali Malik, Principal, JPSNOIDA Member
8 Ms. Kiran Hasija PGT, JPSNOIDA Member
9 Ms. Ruchika Sharma, Principal, Pragyan School Member
10 Capt. Praveen Roy, Principal, Samsara World School, GN Member
11 Shri Praven Kumar Upadhyay, DIOS, GB Nagar Member
12 Smt.  Suvigya Drabu Teacher Member
13 Smt. Supriya Sawani Teacher Member
14 Mr. Bhuvnesh Sachdeva Parent Member of class VIII
15 Ms. Bhavneet Kaur Parent Member of Pre-Primary
16 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Agarwal Parent Member of Class XI

Committees @JPS

S.No. Designation Name
1. Chairperson Ms.Meeta Bhandula ,Principal
2 Special Educator Ms. Poonam
3. Wellness Teacher Ms. Pratibha Sharma
4. Member Ms. Nidhi Shah (PRT)
5. Member Ms. Neeraj Singh (PET)
6. Member Ms. Deepti Kanchan (PGT Chemistry)
7. Member Mr. Shahnawaz Ansari (PGT Biology)
8. Member Mr. Manoj Rajpoot
9. Member Miss Fadiya (Student XII)
10. Member Mast. Shobhit (Student XII)
S.No. Designation Name
1. Chairperson Ms.Meeta Bhandula, Principal
2 Secretary Ms. Suvigya Dabru
3. Assistant Secretary Mr. Naveen Goel (PGT Physics)
4. Member Mr. Manoj Rajpoot
5. Member Ms. Supriya Swani
6. Member Ms. Neelam Verma (Receptionist)
7. Member Mast. Shobhit (Student XII)
8. Member Miss Fadiya (Student XII)

School Manager

Mr. MP Sharma

Vice President

Mr. MP Sharma has worked for more than two decades with a well known human charity, namely SOS Children’s Villages of India and rose to the rank of Deputy National Director. His rich & varied eight year long experience with DLF backed Summer Fields School and Modern School of Capital has further elevated him to become part of UNESCO Projects for a period of 3 years in areas of Sports and Teacher Education. National sportsman Mr. Sharma has made appearance at two mega sport events - 1982 ‘Delhi Asian Games’ & 1983 ‘Bombay Hockey World Cup’. He has worked in areas of Sports, Youth & Teacher Education in four SAARC countries - Bhutan, Nepal, Sri-Lanka and on home soil in India. While working with the Jaypee Group since 2009 as Vice President-Education, he has been associated with the implementation of CBSE concepts in Co-Scholastic areas, website management and sport development. Besides mentioned areas he is also the Manager of three Jaypee Schools - Jaypee Public School Noida, Jaypee Public School Gr. Noida and Jaypee Vidya Mandir, Chandpur.

Principal's Message

Ms. Meeta Bhandula

( Principal)

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence “
Rabindranath Tagore

We at Jaypee Public School , Greater Noida are committed to carry forward the rich legacy of Jaypee group of institutions by providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for holistic development of students through a fine-tuned multidisciplinary learning system that inspires and encourages students to acquire knowledge; expand the frontiers of their mind by providing rich choices in artistic, creative, sports and intellectual activities ; excel in academics through best practices in curriculum transaction and to keep healthy balance between tradition and modernity.
The school has an aesthetically laid out lush green campus with cognitively rich atmosphere pervading in its corridors. The strength of school is its state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of devoted teachers who strive hard to impart quality education to students.
With rapid advancement in technology and changing global scenario , we lay emphasis on making our students ‘Future Ready’ by integrating technology with curriculum so that they adapt to new learning styles , acquire 21st century skills , discover their interests, talents, aptitudes and become self-directed lifelong learners, responsible decision makers, thinkers, creators and path breakers so that by the time they step into adulthood they are more than equipped to face the challenges of the future world.
The school is growing continuously in its strength and achievements with active involvement of all its stakeholders specially parents who engage, involve and partner themselves to fulfill our mission.

Our Strengths

Safe and secure gated and well guarded school
CBSE Curriculum
Highly qualified and experienced staff
Class strength restricted to 25 students
Power Class Rooms
French as a third language from classes VI onwards.
Introduction to French (Grade-III onwards)
A German technology "Fisher Technik" to promote learning in machinery ,automobile, robotics and computers
Contemporary computer centre with broadband and WI-FI connectivity
Theatre in Education
Well equipped learning resource centre
Learning of first aid skills and traffic & safety rules compulsory
Western & Indian forms of Music, Dance, Art & Craft are part of the school curriculum
Skating, Badminton, Hand Ball, Foot ball, Chess, Tennis, Basket Ball Taekwondo, Yoga, Aerobics, Sculptures are also part of the school curriculum
Regular medical check-ups
Air conditioned buses
Air conditioned building
Children studying in JPSGN are getting a benefit to join Yuvraj Singh Cricket, Bhaichang Bhutia Soccer, Team Tennis India & Swmming Academy
Sports Academy Training of Golf by expert Golfers in Jaypee Complex at nominal rates.
Support of Academia from three Jaypee Universities
Support of Educational Content Development Centre of the IT arm (JILIT) of the Jaypee Group


Details of Rooms with dimension
Wing -I
1. Staff  Room 01 28’6”x28’6” 817.96
2. Dance Room 01 28’8”x28’5” 820.8
3. Computer Lab 01 58’2”x28’5” 1658.7
4. Store room 01 25’9” x17’3” 448.07
5. Sports room 01 10’10”x7’5” 75.75
6. Electric room 01 25’9” x9’7” 251.23
7. Backup Power Room 01 9’2”x7’5” 69
8. Library 01 87’6”x28’6” 2505.6
9. Conference  hall 01 28’6”x28’6” 817.96
10. Activity room 01 29’0x29’1” 843.9
01 Class room 03 28’10”x28’10” 7896.61
02 Class room 01 28’9”x24’2” 699.38
03 Principal office 01 29’ x18’10” 495.90
04 Reception 01 28’9”x28’7” 829.43
05 Administratiion and Account office 01 28’7”x18’2” 522.34
06 M P Hall 01 67’7”x 64’10” 4339.57
07 Green room Boys 01 17’5”x9’4” 164.5
08 Green room Girl 01 17’5”x9’4” 164.5
09 Pantry 01 38’6”x24’2” 934.12
10 Tuck shop 01 13’4”x13’1” 175.54
11 Store room next to Tuck shop 01 12’2”x10’1” 123.22
12 Infirmary room 01 24’3”x15’1” 366.93
13 Associate Director office 01 14’11”x12’ 169.32
14 Meeting/Waiting Room 01 12’2”x10’1” 123.22
15 Coordinator room 01 28’9”x18’10” 517.66
16 Manager Room 01 15’8”x12’ 189.6
I  FLOOR     
01 Class Room 05 28’10”x28’10” 789.61
02 Class room 01 29’1”x27’4” 794.34
03 Science Lab 01 29’1”x27’4” 794.34   
04 Smart class room 01 28’10”x28’10” 789.10
05 Store room 02 21’1”x8’8” 185.68
II  FLOOR      
01 Class room 05 28’10”x28’10” 789.61
02 Art & Craft room 01 29’1”x 27’4” 794.34
03 Music Room 01 29’1”x27’4” 794.34
04 Smart class room 01 28’10”x 28’10” 789.61
05 Store Room 02 21'1’10”x8'8''’10” 185.68
06 Srjan Lab 01 28’9”x18’10” 523.09
III  FLOOR       
01 Class room 02 29’1”x27’4” 797.34
02 Class room 05 28’10”x28’10” 789.61
03 Maths Lab 01 28’10”x28’10” 523.09
04 Class Room 01 28’9”x18’10” 523.09
  TOTAL 59    

Details of Rooms with dimension
Wing -II
1. Sports Hall 01 87.6’x 28.4’ 2487.84
2. Prop Room 01 57.10’x28.4’ 1621.64
3. Power  room 01 25.7’x17.4’ 447.18
4. CCTV Room 01 12.6’x8.11’ 102.2
5. Furniture Store room 01 17.2’x14.5’ 246.5
6. Sports Store Room 01 17.2x10.8 185.8
7. Computer Room 01 57.10x28.4 1621.64
8. Western Music room 01 29.6’x28.4’ 840.64
9. Store in side Sport Hall 01 12.3x8.8 108.24
10. Activity room 01 29.4x28.10’ 826.14
01 Examination cell room 01 13.2’x8.6’ 113.5
02 Day care room 01 28’9”x19.10’ 552.0
03 Councilor room 01 28.9’x19’ 549.1
04 Occupational therapy 01 38.5x28.9’ 113
05 Special Education 01 28.9’x24 693.6
06 Psychology Lab 01 28.9x24.2’ 699.4
07 Pre Nursery Class Room 01 88’ x 28.10’ 2473.8
I  FLOOR     
01 Class Room 02 28.9x27.4’ 791.9
02 Class room 06 28.10’x28.9’ 812.09
03 Class Room 02 21.5 x 8.6’ 146.96
II  FLOOR      
01 Class room 06 28.10’x28.9’ 812.09
02 Class room 02 28.10’x27.4’ 769.94
03 Class Room 01 21.5x 8.6’ 146.96
04 Staff Rooms 01 28.11x 28.11’ 790.17
III  FLOOR       
01 Physics Lab 01 58.3x28.9’ 1684.87
02 Chemistry Lab 01 58.3x28.9’ 1684.87
03 Biology Lab 01 58.5x28.9’ 1690.65
  Class Room 02 29.1 x 28.9
  Class Room Staff room 01 29.1x18.10’ 526.71
  TOTAL 44    


The Jaypee Group of Companies has consistently displayed full awareness of its social responsibilities through the Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan (JSS), a 'not for profit' Trust registered under the Income Tax Act, 1961. It has been established to discharge its responsibility towards the society. The Sansthan functions with a holistic approach for overall socio-economic development. Set up in 1993, the trust aims to reduce the pain and distress in the society. The Group firmly believes that Education is the cornerstone to economic development and the strength of 1 billion Indians can be channelized by education alone to build India into a developed nation. The Group currently offers education through 27 schools, 5 ITCs, 2 Polytechnics, 2 Post Graduate Colleges and 3 Universities catering to over 30,000 students and has an objective to equip at least 1 lac students with the power of education by 2020.

JSS has translated its social responsibility into reality by building up schools and training institutes that cater to the needs of providing quality education to the rural masses. The Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP) covers a wide range of projects such as free medical camps, health check-ups for village school children, literacy campaigns, safe drinking water supply, creating water reservoirs in villages, and vocational training for women. Further, green initiatives include a forestation drives, conservation of natural resources, emphasis on the control of air quality and noise pollution.

With the thought of using technology effectively for economic growth, the visionary founder of the JSS, Shri Jaiprakash Gaur set up 3 higher technical universities – Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University (JIIT), Noida; Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT) at Waknaghat, Himachal Pradesh; and Jaypee University of Engineering & Technology (JUET) at Guna, Madhya Pradesh – to host the best of faculty, students and educational infrastructure to ensure creation, generation, dissemination and application of knowledge to mould the world leaders of tomorrow.

The three institutes have been envisioned to reflect the motto "Education, Empowerment and Enlightenment". The institutes strive to bring innovation, creation and flexibility to the curriculum through credit and non-credit courses, open-ended projects with emphasis on problem-solving through experimentation and design exercises, and creative and challenging home assignments. They also have sufficient orientation to international competitiveness, quality management, and problem solving in different socio-political and economic environments. Special features include development of entrepreneurial skills, strong industry orientation and providing experience of working in inter disciplinary teams.

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